Necrosy is a non-fatal Enchanted Disease in its first form, but if untreated after a period of two months, the disease can spread and become fatal.

Infection: Necrosy is normally contracted by inhalation, or by airborn means coming into contact with an exposed target area, which if flesh can be very severe.


  • Stage One: On ‘release’ from its carrier, Necrosy infiltrates its nearest target, be it flesh, cloth or other compound. Items will become brittle and break/shatter on next impact. Exposed bodily locations become numb, stiffen and infected with black veins. Blows to a location infected with Necrosy can cause the location to shatter.

Note: The release should see a player make a simple test to see if they escape infection to nearest location, with ties going to the defender (player). A tie should see an item take the Necrosy instead, allowing a warning to the players what lies ahead.

If said location is the head then the target falls into an Enchanted Coma, and if to the chest then the target falls into a fever-like Enchanted Delirium.

  • Stage Two: Untreated Necrosy in stage one will spread after two months and become fatal. The initially infected area dies and will drop off! Fevers follow and the black veins spread across the body over a one-day period until finally the target dies.

Detection: Diagnosing Necrosy is remarkable easy, and requires only visual confirmation and Disease Level Four.


  • Curing Necrosy Stage One: A plant native to Turow can aid in fighting off the infection in stage one (a Lesser Mundane Alchemical Concoction and then drunk daily over a one week period) or with the appropriate knowledge, brewed into a Greater Mundane Alchemical potion for immediate effect.
  • Curing Necrosy Stage Two: Difficult, requires baking of the plant over a two hour period and then fused with Mundane Alchemy as used in stage one curing. Added together with natural healing ingredients (x4 of any type associated with healing) the Lesser Enchanted Alchemical Potion reverses and destroys the disease over a thirty-minute period. Made into a Greater Enchanted Alchemical Potion, the cure is immediate.

Note: The Plant: A White veined Orchid, located in the swampland regions of Turow; at night the veins will glow with enchanted energy. The residents of Turow often pick and destroy this plant, especially with the many undead that walk the island, making it an Enchanted Herb to locate and successfully forage.

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