Neuromancy Magic

This is advanced Dark Magic: Neuromancy deals with the brain of a target, and the way in which it can be manipulated using magic. Only the Fey-Sidious Warlocks of the Tower of Sorcery could conceive of and make real a branch of magic that explores Biomancy and takes it in to the realm of the mind and the ability of a Magic User to cast Magic.


1: Biomancy (4).
2: Chirurgery (5).
3: Orientation (5).

Note: The range for all of these spells in this list is Touch-Based.

Level One: Sense Neuroactivity: Use of this spell allows the study of brain waves, and insight into what the target is thinking, it may act as a gauge of intellectual worth when cast at a target (how much Experience the target has acquired).

Level Two: Neuromantic Defence: Casting this spell, protects the caster from all mundane forms of Deception or mind effects.

Level Three: Neuromantic Manipulation: The casting of this spell allows the Caster to temporarily juggle the skills of the target (effects last for one hour), at a rate of three points per minute, a target of this spell cannot gain new skills, or lose existing ones, but the levels may be juggled on a one for one basis as the Neuromancer designs.

Level Four: Remove/ Restore Magical Essence: The casting of this spell allows the caster to remove the magic casting capability of their target, storing it into an Orb of Lesser Power ready to contain the magical essence - until such time as the orb is destroyed or the essence restored to the target.

The essence may not be 'given' to another target; destruction of the orb slowly destroys the essence, as it fractures and drifts apart over an hour.

Level Five: Neuromantic Attack: The target of this spell, permanently loses one skill level from a targeted skill set.

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