The Nitenichiryu were a unique branch of Fey-Sirona Samurai and Shugenja, learning to use both weapons and air as an extension of their body. Making their fighting form as graceful and unpredictable as the wind, but no less deadly. The teachings of this fighting art form was lost when Menyel-Arcanex (now known as Vardagh Virionia) was lost in the battle against the void during the time known as the Age of the Void.


Must complete the Shugenja skill tree and the Samurai or Ronin skill tree, and have access to a Master Nitenichiryu to gain instruction from (a Nitenichiryu possessing levels 4 - 5 in this Skill Tree).

Level One: Enlightened Induction: Sworn into the order of the Nitenichiryu, the character gains +1 to their daily internal Mana Pool.

Level Two: Neither Steel nor Storms will break Me!: The Nitenichiryu has survived many a fight for their life and induction onto this order now grants them an additional +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Movement with the Breeze (Skill and Spell*): The Nitenichiryu has learnt to mimic the unpredictable movements of the winds, making them harder to hit in battle and granting them the ability to Dodge all forms of Mundane Attacks with a Damage Call of 'Single', 'Double' or 'Triple'.

  • Cast as a Spell, for a Three Minute duration the spell enables the character to extend the ability to Dodge versus Enchanted Attacks with a Damage Call of 'Single', 'Double' or 'Triple' as well.

Level Four: Lightning Strikes (Spell): The Nitenichiryu must focus their Mind for 4 Seconds uninterrupted with their weapon held up to the sky, and by spending Four Mane Points, they imbue the weapon with lightning. For the duration of the next four minutes the weapon strikes add 'Enchanted Through' to the normal damage call of the weapon.

Level Five: Calling the Thunder Down (Spell): Upon the casting of this spell, the clouds overhead thicken and grow dark as thunder rumbles overhead. As the clouds thunder, all Flying Creatures in the region are forced to the ground as lightning begins to strike in a 25m radius of the caster that does 'Enchanted Global Quad Through' to all within the radius (excluding the caster). The spell duration is five minutes, with the Enchanted Lightning Strike occurring every one minute that the spell lasts, this includes extended duration to the spell. With the expenditure of a Fate Point, the striking of the lightning extends to the region also, as determined by the Referee Team.

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