Nor Cavallel

Nor-Cavallel is the Fomori city that resides on the western edge of the Burning Sands and is a great independent port and city for trade in all manners and forms, including the notorious trading of slaves.

Caught between the lands of Luustrokk and the Dark Mountains, travellers must pass through this free city to reach the sea or to reach the Burning Sands, it was originally an outpost city of the Morigena, before the betrayal of House Tremaine against House Telluwyn. Surviving Morigena were rounded up and sent into the Grand Arena to meet their deaths for the entertainment of the Fomori.

For a long time it has been seen as a polar opposite to Wroth Gelrahan, yet form an intriguing triumvirate with E'toa A'Ahn, yet now forms four holdings circulating around a central waypoint of Vulgorn which itself is located in the heart of the Great Desert Ocean, the harsh center of the Burning Sands.

Nor-Cavallel is famous, and unrivalled, for its Gladiator Schools and the Grand Arena where they fight for the pleasure of the Lords of the City. This blood sport has ancient ties to the dark history of the city, much of which has been forgotten in the blood lust that pores upon the sands.


The city is divided into six parts:

1: The Docks.
2: The Business Quarter.
3: The Ludus Hive Quarter.
4: The Grey Slave Quarter.
5: The Noble Quarter.
6: The Underworld.

Moments in History:

168AoF: Vampires infiltrate the city.

175AoF: The Wrotan Republic Inquisition learns of the Vampire Influence over the city and subsequently send agents to find and neutralise the Vampire threat.

180AoF: With the Inquisition still investigating the Vampire threat, Agents of the Void launch a counter-strike led by the Fomori Hero, Lord Findias, aided by the Fey-Sidious and Fykari Renegades and open conflict erupts between the factions, including the Vampires. Fomori fight Fomori in a bloody and bitter battle while the Fey-Sidious and the Fykari run amok. Findias is reported to be seriously wounded as the naval fleet of the Wrotan Republic arrives, having made best speed to sail and engage in the conflict, supported on land by the Feygorn and the Fykari. What follows is the discovery of an Ethereal Lord co-ordinating the offensive, even as the Vampires are defeated. The famous Fey-Sirona, Cam Liu falls before the Ethereal Lord, but victory is claimed by the Elemental Union. Findias escapes, but his fleet is captured and destroyed, with prisoners taken, including the daughter of Findias, Dyrel.

340AoF: Vampires once more surface to bring perversion and corruption to the gambling houses.

672AoF: The city is once more besieged by Vampire Influence.

913AoF: (Gaming Year 2013). City Agents begin an investigation into why someone broke into the crypts and stole two corpses of what were recorded as Vampire Prisoners. Early reports describe a male figure leading a troupe of slaves in the area on the day of the crime.

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