Nor Cavallel Grey Slave Quarter

This section of the city has enjoyed a greater sense of freedom than some of the other quarters in the past. Where Master's can trust their slaves to do as bidden without the need for shackles and whips, though since the rebellion was as its height, a number of sings to dissuade rebellion have been injected into the quarter.

Crucified Slaves line the main roadways, forums and marketplaces. Here and there lesser gladiators who escaped during the height of the rebellion can be discovered, dead or dying - the dying simply being kept alive in cruel cages that allow for limited movement and the death of strength and endurance, fed on scraps every couple of days or by those with the strength to show mercy in front of the guards or in secret (observation will show the living captors to be watched).

The message is clear, obey your masters, or suffer; submit and enjoy the mercy of the lords, or die…

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