Nor Dalgontor

Nor-Dalgontor is the capital city of Hrivemir, until recently (915AoF) it had been the base of power for House Telluwyn after the land was given to the Morigena by the Dracosylph. It is an impressive walled city designed and built in the fashion of Morigena architecture as such that can be found also in Nor-Cavallel and Wroth Cayeno, being built from blue and white stone mined from the local region.

The outer walls of the city rise to sixty foot in height, with watchtowers that reach to eighty; a forty foot wall protects both the naval docks and the merchant quarters, with a mighty lighthouse dedicated to Lord Morian that might be found guarding the seaways into the kingdom.

In 915AoF, King Everyl Telluwyn moved his base of power from here to Wroth Cayeno, as he ascended to King of the Nimorian Kingdom as well, and begun to establish 'The Kingdom of Water' before moving his main court to reclaimed Golgotha, the ancestral seat of House Telluwyn.

Political Organisation: Hereditary Monarchy.

Rulers: King Everyl Telluwyn.

Administrative Organisation: The King has supreme authority, but has seceded rule of Hrivemir to Duke Rana Dae. Earl Dayne Telluwyn rules the County of Nor-Fossi, within which Nor-Dalgontor and its barony is found.

Population: There are approximately 7000 Residents within the city, of whom the Morigena make (55%), Nimorian (25%), Feymori (10%), Angmori (02%) and Dracosylph (08%).

Military: High, bringing a large portion of the counties defence in focus within the city where the armies central garrison may be found.

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