Notable NPCs encountered across Urutau:

Please note that NPC Characters are controlled primarily by the Nations Referee that they fall under, please contact that Referee for any interaction or questions.


1: Matthias Lord Knight in the Darkwood region of Quelas.
2: The Thane A Queldi Benefactor and Political Giant.
3: Arthur A very special Bear.
4: Bacchus the Satyr.
5: Tiamey the Champion of Lady Espari. (Deceased)
6: Trahern High Druid of Quelas. (Deceased)
7: Arnora Powerful Queldi Sorceress.
8: King Kalan King of Quelas, Husband of Queen Nia. (Deceased)
9: Penn-Thane Darvalyeon of the Irricente Tribe.
10: Kylar Blackmane, Part Lionkin, part Queldi.
11: Ungrngirfin/Richard of the Rowan Family. Fey-Tir Len-Lignus and Woodcrafter
12: Kaerlyth of the Elm family. Adopted Daughter of Ungrngirfin..
13: Veniik, powerful magic user and member of the Fey-Tir Council
14: Rex Marksley, legendary Queldi hunter and hero from the Age of Air


1: Leandra Salamander Mystic.
2: Khagan Ack-Crelar Fykari Mystic (performed by Trevor Halliday) (Deceased, then reborn. Gandalf-style.)
3: Gorbel-ack-VanZaang Fykari Leader, Scorpion Rider.
4: Torrygg Faith-Guard High-King of the Gornang (Deceased).
5: Yusef al Rhakim Fykari Lanista


1: Daimyo Fusheshi Noryato King of the Fey-Sirona.
2: Galraik the Indominatable Wrotan Agent in Wroth Gelrahan.
3: Persephone Spiratan wife of Titus Verine.
4: Yngryd Ytvyr Dracosylph Mage and Scholar.
5: Inishi Quorill Legendary Hero of the Fey-Sirona (Deceased)
6: Augustine Lanista and major businessman based in Wrotentia.
7: Staggett Shady Vespari…
8: Bob Phukkett Vespari Captain of The Crusty Dodger Airship.
9: Lexus the mortal vessel of Lord Arios.
10: Shield-Bearer Jocasta Varden Paladin of the Church of the Elemental Union.
11. Sunshine Meadowbloom the Fourth Prime Minister of Valorn.
12. Doris Meadowbloom Wife of the Prime Minister of Valorn.
13. King Theuss of Spirata, First of his name. (Deceased?)


1: Duchess Felisia Dae Nimorian Noble (Deceased).
2: Lord Rygar Branwine Morigena Noble.
3: Queen Lausanne Una Queen of the Nimorians. (Deceased)
4: King Harwyn Telluwyn The Late King of the Morigena. (Deceased)
5: King Everyl Telluwyn known as the Boy King of the Morigena.
6: Lord Findias The Betrayer. (Deceased)
7: Commodore Thebeus Swanfeet The Commodore of the Crown of Taris Pirate
8: Dusty keeper of all things Mead Weathered old Morigainian that follows the light company fleet.
8: Lady Dyrel The Betrayer's Daughter. (Deceased)
9: Duchess Narlin Thalassa Loyal Servant of the Nimorian Queen…
10: Duchess Dalathea Maryssa Loyal Servant to her Queen.
11: King Ferdinand Feymori King of Taris. (Deceased)
12: Lord Trystain de Vier L'Honour Champion of Taris.
13: Madame Suzette de Bloime Guild Mistress of The Royal Academy of Fair Companions of the Most Prestigious Swans.
14: Madame Vanity Shank, Profiteering Madame in Wroth Cayeno.
15: Nifelle a Sea Nymph from the Elemental Plane of Water, and a Guardian of Sorts to Morzan Palagius.


1: King Modrein Zynvreish King of the Fey-Sidious. (Deceased)
2: Madigor the Giant.
3: Agammemnon Wrotan Politico turnedEethereal Lord. (Deceased)
4: Karazon of the Black Black Dracosylph Leader (Deceased).
5: Kristoff Vampire Meddler in Quelas(Deceased).
6: The Stranger The Strange deal-maker of Quelas. (Deceased)

The Dragons of the Elemental Union:

1: Green Adult Dragon of Earth, named Kishi by Queen Nia of Quelas.
2: Red a Young Adult Dragon of Fire.
3: Great White Matriarch of the Elemental Union Dragons. (Currently Deceased)
4: Blue an Adult Dragon of Water.
5: Mana a Young Adult Dragon of Magic.
6: Lachesis the Great Purple Dragon of Fate, current leader of the Dragons.
7: Bob, the Young Adult Dragon of Chaos.
8: Solaris, the Young Adult Sun Dragon.

Other Dragons:

1: The Moon Dragon. (Currently Deceased)

The Dragons of the Void:

1: Great Black, The Avatar of Lord Math. (Returned for Round 2! Then deceased again.)

Other Agents:

1: Coltrane the Sea Turtle, also known as 'The King of Cool!'.
2: Sorandis Virien. Fey-Sidious Agent of Fate (Deceased)

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