Onega was a Fey-Vicis, who died fighting Vale at the start of the second year of the Age of Dragons following his failed attempt to undo the events known as 'The Sum of All Things'. He only made his move to alter Fate, once it was apparent the Dragon of Fate was missing, and there appeared to be no-one capable of preventing his scheme.

Etar Tol'Solie caught Onega's attention, at the time Menyel-Arcanex was destroyed, following its secrets being revealed and the Fey-Sirona released from their orbs to regenerate their dying race. Onega was able to achieve this following the acquisition of Red Crow Clan blood, secured by finding and making use of the body of the dead Fey-Sirona, Mifune.

In the release of the Fey-Sirona, the Lava Clan and the Frost Clan fled to Urutau, while Onega focused on gathering an army of Gaki, whom he abandoned during the fight at 'The Sum of All Things', but not before testing them in battle at the city of Anarlote on Golgotha, with Onega being the cause of the abducting of Queen Alyra Tremaine, and killing King Everyl Telluwyn in an honour duel the young Morigena King could never win, defending the honour of his abducted wife, who had stolen the Sceptre of the Phoenix in an attempt to resurrect the now dead Etar.

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