Woman of the Mountains (NOT wrotan. Wrotan are ew!)


Ophelia is a young woman with messy brown hair and wide eyes. She's quite pale, and has a scar in the shape of a crescent moon on her face. She's quite small, built for magic - not fighting. She has a number of particularly nasty scars on her stomach. She often wears black and casual clothes, with furs to keep warm.

She generally looks quite crazy…


The savage mountains.


Ophelia was born on a full moon to a young woman named Camilla, who died during childbirth. She was raised by an old woman named 'Baba' in the solitude and wilderness of the mountains, and taught her the ways of the shaman.
When Ophelia was about 12, some rabid werewolves raided their home in the mountains, and the old woman died to protect Ophelia - but to no avail. The werewolves abducted her, and something happened that left Ophelia mentally scarred,also leading to a deep hatred and paralyzing fear of them and anything like them.
As she was left by the werewolves bleeding out and dying, Ophelia looked up to the sky as Lady Phoebe's light shone through the trees, giving her some hope yet, just as a mysterious figure found her and brought her to safety.
After such a traumatic event, Ophelia spent many months recovering, however her mind has yet to recover.
At age 16, Ophelia attempted a blood ritual of her own, but it went horribly wrong and resulted in the death of a young baby boy; leaving her soul tainted by the void.
In the end of days, Ophelia had been living in the town of Wayfare, and is a survivor of the battle there that claimed the lives of many, including Fulmanus, Ylliria Dae, and Pirate Steve, whom she never got to meet.

Recent History

The stars have told her to observe the heroes of the elemental union
She went with a party to scout out Lyzeria to find a mine of Enchanted Ice.
Acquired a familiar; a bat named Martha.

Political Affiliation



Midas Dae




The werewolves.


She's a magic user, who knows much about the way of the mountain Shaman, she can also perform rituals and works with spirits.
She's quite intelligent; she can count and do complicated maths. She can read and write the language of the men of the mountains, and is quite knowledgeable about Lady Phoebe, the stars, and other such things.
She can use a dagger, and is learning the basics of being sneaky.

Useless bits of info

She likes the stars. And the moon. Like, a lot.
She carries around a lot of strange things, such as tarot cards, crystals, candles, and incense.
She is a bit nuts…
Incredibly fond of steak and mead.

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