Overview And History

An overview of its origins, its actions and its fate…

Originally it was designated as the forward scouting company of the Morigena Mercenary Army, the attempt by the then King of the Morigena, Harwyn Telluwyn, to keep the Morigena active across Urutau as the Champion Race of Water. Command of the Light Company at the time of the beginning of the ELEMENT LARP system was held by Captain Rana Dae (played by Trevor Halliday), a convenient form of bringing characters together in its first days, or for a more in character perspective, an open invitation allowing for adventurers and those inclined to do something about the woes of Urutau a chance to come together and work together with some form of support.

The structure of the Light Company was loose with members able to come and go as they please, staying only so long as they chose to stay within the company. Attempts at better command structure were made, with some members awarded ranks within the Morigena Army, seconds to the Captain. But ultimately it seemed to revolve around a haphazard mutual consent of adventurers following the lead of the Captain where Fate would take them.

Part of the trouble the Morigena suffered upon the political landscape of Urutau was being shut out of the old Wrotan Republic by political machinations of the Fomori. As such, often the Morigena Mercenary Army found itself active in places where many would prefer them not to be. This matter became highlighted when they landed, and begun investigating disturbing concerns in Quelas in 906 of the Age of Fire, unknown to them the testing ground for plots of the Ethereal Lords, and the Fey-Sidious playing with the application of the disease known as Necrosy.

As they begun their investigations, word of their presence reached the Wrotan Republic and a Wrotan Force was dispatched to intercept and take control of the situation, something that at the time was another machination of the Void, for the commander of the Wrotan Forces was already in the thrall of the Ethereal Lords, a much maligned foe known as Agammemnon, who would become something of an arch-rival to a Light Company Officer, Titus Verine.

Needless to say things came to a head in Quelas with batches of bottled Necrosy being found, in various sizes for distribution, bottles intended for another as yet undetermined purpose as a Fomori Ship escaped with cargo assumed to be full of Necrosy and also revealed to be responsible for the plague affecting the lands around Southport. The Light Company did not make best of friends with the Wrotan Army there, as matters deferred to the politics of the Wrotan Republic.

But while he remained alive, King Harwyn Telluwyn maintained the support for the Light Company and the Morigena Mercenary Army. Following discoveries, the Light Company pursued other reports elsewhere in advance of the main army, pursuing finds like the Elemental Swords, and investigating the path that the Fomori ship had taken after its departure from Quelas.

At this point the Morigena Ship known as ‘The Ocean’s Calm’ was assigned to the Light Company in order to assist what was becoming a pursuit of truth, hidden from many as the political entity of the Wrotan Republic laboured under pointless debates and misdirection. What seemed like unfortunate incidents as Senators died, outside perspective suggested something sinister, but kept out of that body, the Morigena, and their allies followed their nose.

The trail led to an island off Taris, where further tests were being made concerning the application of Necrosy; with the Light Company on the hunt, the company now a recognised threat, actions and reactions begun as the enemy took notice of the threat it posed. Not taking direct action versus the Light Company, plots unconfirmed to this day resulted in ruining the support the Light Company enjoyed at home. With only a young boy as an heir, an untimely death to King Harwyn Telluwyn pushed the fate of the Light Company into debate. Advisors who thought they knew better rose to prominence in Nor-Dalgontor as they rallied around the boy king, and jealousy and political minded minds drew dark clouds over the fate of the Morigena Mercenary Army, taking a first action to cut financial support to the mercenary force, which as yet had really earned any payments from its ventures other than items acquired, which remained in the hands of Light Company members and started to make outsiders nervous about.

The Earl of Souwei-Lorsan stepped up to add finances to the future of the Light Company, and so the Light Company maintained its pursuit of truths, but events in the Wrotan Republic started to come to a head as the wheels of its political machine now started to fail openly. From Taris the Light Company pursued the Void into plots now taking place in the Burning Sands (907AoF) of the Fykari, ancient enemies of the Wrotan Republic.

It was in pursuit of a foe who rose to prominence there, that ultimate plots of betrayal really came to a head, first confronting the figure known as the Phoenix Dark Knight, who was rallying the Fykari to march on Wroth Gelrahan, and then that distraction giving rise to the unveiling of E’toa A’Ahn, the ancient lost city of the Ethereal Lords, which then became an army of the Undead to march upon the wreckage of the failure of the many lives of the Fykari that fell before Wroth Gelrahan. Worse still to come was the betrayal of the Spiratans, who turning up to reinforce troops at the fortress, openly betrayed the Republic by allowing the armies of the Void into Wroth Gelrahan as politics in the Republic expired with the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire.

All was askew, not what was meant to be. Empire forces waste little time in pursuing new goals of dominion over former Republic states; forces entered Quelas (908AoF) , so long subject to disunity among the Thanes, bereft of a High King; and north of the new Empire, schemes were made to invade and break Khayeim.

The Light Company, having among its members a Queldi named Lorican pursued troubles in Quelas, being surrounded with the births of baby dragons, holding onto the Elemental Swords, it was revealed that Lorican was in fact the descendant of the High King, and as the Empire invaded from the north, Lorican, with support of the Light Company started to rally the Queldi in the south.

Yet the politics of the Morigena Kingdom reared its head, with envious minds fearing the power resting within the loose confederation of the Light Company moving to sway the power resting within the company. Seeing the schemes ahead of them being played out, the Earl of Souwei-Lorsan, owner of The Ocean’s Calm, even as he played for time with the Light Company, elevated Captain Rana Dae of the Light Company to Captain of the Morigena ship – as plans begun to send first a new commander the court of the boy King would have power over to lead, those within the company could maintain links with the ship and pursue important goals that both sides seemed to want it to remain apart from; a tense time followed as people looked to the former Captain over the new commander.

The unexplained disappearance of Lorican (909AoF) threw Quelas into chaos, as the Empire expanded, forces were recalled, or redistributed, and the decision was made that the Light Company would be disbanded, even as armies converged on and centred around conflict caused by the Wrotan Empire – the remnants of the Light Company and its finances handed over to Titus Verine to continue by another name, maintaining its tenuous link to the Morigena through travel, purchased from the Ocean’s Calm. But somehow, the bond that the Light Company forged and managed to do to bring the various aspects of the Elemental Union together was ultimately changed, and would never recover.

As the Empire rose and armies marched upon it, the members of what remained disbanded, in pursuit of their own fates here and there, none more compelling to the fate upon their fellowship than the apparent death of Rana Dae, even as the remains of the Light Company achieved an impossible feat, and through sacrifices and enduring tenacity achieved what many consider to be a major miracle – they reunified the three aspects of the lost Lord of Water, Lord Morian, and thus returned him to his power and place among the Ladies and Lords of the Elemental Union.

One thing, a foot note as it were, that as the years passed since his initial rise to power as the boy King, Everyl Telluwyn has grown closer to manhood and to know more of his own mind than the reliance of people about him. More so, after the return of Rana Dae (911AoF) from his time in the Savage Mountains, working to stir up unrest among the Men of the Mountains versus their masters, the Werewolves – this boy King has been more insistent of taking a firmer hold over his own fate. Rana Dae has been elevated and proved to the ambitious boy that strength of purpose and action is by far the greater path to hiding behind the gilded cage of politics. And with the changes, and the victories won by the Morigena, against Black Dragons (913AoF), and against the Werewolves, there may be a chance that the Light Company might be brought back into existence, to purpose, as it did once before…

During the year 914 AoF Captaincy of the company moved to the recently ennobled Lady Autumn Strata after the company's previous captain Telellë Ráva gave himself over to the void. Just prior to the time known as 'The Sum of All Things', Autumn was elevated to Major of the Souwei-Lorsan Regiment, and Haiden made Captain of the Light Company.

Following some bad business, Haiden was removed as Captain, and the Light Company give new structure and purpose at a general meeting of members of the Elemental Union in spring of the first year of the Age of Dragons.

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