Owl Riders

The Fey-Sirona sometimes travel to the Elemental Plane of Air to seek out the giant Owls of C'Ryl, petitioning them to allow them the right to fly them and become bound by eternal trust in the fight between the Elemental Union and the Void.

Great Owl Rider:

Prerequisite: Must be Fey-Sirona, and then they must travel to the Elemental Plane of Air and petition the Giant Owls in game.

Level One: Eyes of the Owl: The Rider and Owl have created a bond that they can see through each other’s eyes so as to assist high altitude, high flight and for searching the ground, and as such they may add together any Tracking they both possess.

Level Two: Wind of the Wing: Twice per Event, the Owl Rider may summon their owl to descend and cause a mass 'Mundane Knock-Down' to everyone in the local area, except for the rider who will be unaffected.

Level Three: Agility of Air: The owl and rider have increased agility in the air and on the ground due to the lightning reflexes gained by flying at high speeds. As such they gain +3 dodges per day vs 'Mundane' attacks.

Level Four: Scream of the Owl: The Rider has learned to scream like the Owl, causing fear to anyone who hears this terrifying scream as the owl even from the sky may cry out to echo and add its voice to that of the rider (must be outside and not within buildings).The rider gains four uses of ‘MASS FEAR’ per day using the Call of “Owl Scream, Mass Fear”, characters must flee the area unless they are 'Cool' or immune to mundane mind-effects.

Level Five: Death from Above: The Rider can call the Owl down from the skies to attack from above, crushing a single foe with its razor sharp talons. Use of this skill requires notifying the Referee Team to take effect. A call of ‘Owl Attack, Global Quad Crush Knock Down’ will be delivered to the target with suitable description to be given and fifteen seconds of build up with appropriate role play. The character has One use per Event and the target victim must lay prone for ten seconds after the attack, if they survive…

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