Past Events

This is a page to provide links to files written for previous events, giving an insight into how our games are written before they get to make contact with players.

2019 Events:

1: February 1st - 3rd: Element: Weekend Event: 'Imbolc'.

2: February 22nd - 24th: Elder Scrolls: Weekend Event: '500 Companions: The Return'.

3: March 2nd: Throne of Shadows: One-Day Event: 'Despair'.

4: March 3rd: Element: One-Day Event: 'The Chaos Factor'.

5: March 29th - 31st: Throne of Shadows: Weekend Event: 'Suffering'.

6: April 19th - 22nd: Throne of Shadows: Bank Holiday Weekend Event: 'Torment'.

7: May 24th - 27th: Element: Bank Holiday Weekend Event: 'Winters Breath'.

8: June 7th - 9th: Elder Scrolls: Weekend Event: 'Akaviri Dreams'.

9: July 6th: Element: One-Day Event: 'The Wrath of Helios'.

10: July 7th: Throne of Shadows: One-Day Event: 'Temperance'.

11: July 21st: Elder Scrolls: One-Day Event: 'A Gryphons Cry'.

12: August 10th: Element: One-Day Event: 'Service'.

13: August 11th: Throne of Shadows: One-Day Event: 'Annex'.

14: August 31st: Elder Scrolls: One-Day Event: 'Dawnbreaker'.

15: September 13th - 15th: Element: Weekend Event: 'Harvest'.

16: October 11th - 13th: Throne of Shadows: Weekend Event: '…and then Pirates…'

17: November 1st - 3rd: Elder Scrolls: Weekend Event: 'Forsaken'.

18: November 23rd: Element: One-Day Event: 'The Echo'.

19: November 24th: Throne of Shadows: One-Day Event: 'Rising Powers'.

2018 Events:

1: January 26th - 28th: Indoor Weekend Event: 'All that you Mead…'

2: February 24th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'Dead Lights'.

3: February 25th: One-Day Event: 'Qymrynat'.

4: March 30th - 1st April: Weekend Event: 'Five Rings of Gold'.

5: April 28th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'The Cliffs of Despair'.

6: April 29th: One-Day Event: 'Stormsfall'.

7: May 25th - 28th: Long Weekend Event: 'Moot'.

8: June 30th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'Reasons to be Cheerful'.

9: July 1st: One-Day Event: 'Summer's Child'.

10: August 4th - 11th August: Week Long Event: 'Imagine Dragons'.

11: September 29th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'The Web'.

12: September 30th: One-Day Event: 'Aiming High'.

13: October 26th - 28th: Weekend Event: 'Aqualonian Homesick Blues'.

2017 Events:

November 5th: One-Day Event: I know a Guy...

October 6th - 8th: Weekend Event: Dangerous Tides.

September 3rd: One-Day Event: Whispers.

August 4th - 6th: Weekend Event: Sanctification.

July 2nd: One-Day Event: Confounded.

June 2nd - 4th: Weekend Event: Legends of Menyel-Arcanex.

May 20th: One-Day Event: 'This… is… SPIRATA!'

May 7th: One-Day Event: Touching the Beacon!
May 6th: Evening Gathering: Light Company Gathering.

April 7th - 9th: Weekend Event: Seriously Good!

March 12th: One-Day Event: To be Announced!

January 27th - 29th: Weekend Event: Meadfest: I Mead you Tonight!

2016 Events:

November 26th - 27th:

Special One Day-Event: Aid for Gambia.
Overnight Special Event: Hi Ho!

October, Sunday 30th: One-Day LARK Event: Let it Go: The Impossible Girl.

October, Saturday 22nd: One-Day Event: Happily Trevor After.

September 30th - October 2nd: Weekend Event: New Beginnings.

August, Sunday 28th: One-Day Event: Urutau.

July 30th - August 6th: Special Week-Long Event: The Sum of All Things.

June, Sunday 26th: One-Day Event: Not to Touch the Earth...

May 27th - 30th: Bank Holiday Weekend Event: Remember when I said this would be a Bad Idea?

May 14th - 15th: Overnight Special Event: Labyrinthe Kit Fair and Something Extra.

April, Sunday 24th: Weekend Event: A Festival of Fate Part Two: Golgotha.

March 25th - 28th: Bank-Holiday Weekend Event: A Festival of Fate.

February, Sunday 28th: One-Day Event: Along Came a Spider.

January, 29th - 31st: Weekend Event: All You Mead is Love.

January, Saturday 9th: One-Day Event: All the Cake in One Slice.

2015 Events:

Sunday 22nd November, One-Day Event:
Link: A Vampire by any other Name...

Friday 23rd October - Sunday 25th October, Weekend Event:
Link: All Things Must Die!

Saturday 10th October - Sunday 11th October, Overnight 'Special' Event:
Link: Far Away the Misty Mountains Cold...

Friday 25th September - Sunday 27th September, Weekend Event:
Link: Dawns Light Fades.

Sunday 30th August, One-Day Event:
Link: Learning to Fly.

Friday 31st July - Monday 3rd August, Long Weekend Event:
Link: A Court of Darkness.

Sunday 28th June, One-Day Event:
Link: Flotsam & Jetsam.

Friday 29th - Sunday 31st May, Weekend Event:
Link: A Clash of Sea Kings.

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th April, Overnight Special Event: 9pm - 9am:
Link: Lest they Forget.

Friday 27th March - Sunday 29th March, Weekend Event:
Link: I'd Rava Not!

Sunday 1st March, One-Day Event:
Link: May Old Acquaintances be Forgot...

Friday 30th January - Sunday 1st February, Weekend Event:
Link: In a Time of Mead.

Saturday 10th January, One-day 'LARK' Event:
Link: Flight of the Specials.

2014 Events:

Sunday 23rd November, One-Day Event:
Link: Dereliction.

Saturday 1st November, One-Day 'LARK' Event:
Link: The Danger to Christmas.

Sunday 19th October, One-Day Event:
Link: Heart's Plea....

26th - 28th September, Weekend Event:
Link: Eclipse.

Sunday 17th August One-Day Event:
Link: Holidays in the Sun.

25th - 27th July, Weekend Event:
Link: A Sword is still a Sword.

Sunday, 22nd June One-Day Event:
Link: Simple Pleasures.

23rd - 25th May Weekend Event:
Link: The Stars are Right...

27th April One-Day Event:
Link: Blur-Blurgh!.

20th April 'Special' One-Day Event:
Link: Egg Hunt!.

21st - 23rd March Weekend Event:
Link: A Bit of this; A Bit of that; A Bit of Something else!

16th February One-Day Event:
Link: Valued Input

15th February One-Day Event:
Link: Don't Forget the Bride!

19th January One-Day Event:
Link: A Time to Dwell

2013 Events:

11th October - 13th October Weekend Event:
Link: Vigilance

21st September One-Day Event:
Link: Broken Promises

4th August One-Day Event:
Link: Quest for Success!

7th July One-Day Event:
Link: Axes and Anvils amidst the Time of Dragon Magic.
Plus a BBQ afterwards to celebrate community and friendship and a chance to drink, eat and make merry!

8th June One-Day Event:
Link: Cry Havoc!

5th May One-Day Event:
Link: A Very Small Casserole

20th April One-Day Event:
Link: Special Delivery Service

30th March One-Day Event Event:
Link: New Dawn Rises

17th February One-Day Event:
Link: Song of Scorn

1: The Requiem for Winter took place on the twentieth day of the first cycle of the Year 913 of the Age of Fire in Wroth Gelrahan.

Back in the mists of time:

2: Urutau original drawn Map.


3: Darkwood original maps.

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