Pella Thistlebritch


Pella Thistlebritch



Physical Description:

Earth Dwarf. see picture



She comes from a small village of Ashkirk, deep within the rolling hills of Korrigania. Growing up, Pella's mother worked and practically lived in the village library, whereas her father preferred to be working on the farm, or at the pub. Pella, spent her youth hanging around the Library, trying to get her best friend Krunch (a bullkin) to play games. but he preferred to have his nose in the books and studied the lore on places, learning alot from Pella's mother.

Pella's natural inclination towards nature and helping things lead her to want to join the elemental union. She and Krunch left Ashkirk to find their way in the world, though after coming across several brutal murders and finally reaching the gap of peril after walking through the wild kingdom. They decided to turn back and go through Quelas instead.

As they came out of Korrigania again, Pella and Krunch became seperated, which wasn't an unusual occurrance, as Pella often wandered off following rabbits or birds.

This particular time she followed a butterfly, which seem to lead her into trouble with some voidy feytir, but then lead her on to find the elemental union.

Since meeting them, shes learnt an array of new words in common, and has met two gods. They both seem lovely.

Political Affiliation:

Elemental Union and all things nature

Known Associates:

The Doctor (Leon)
Queen Nia and King Kalan
King Kyla

Known Rivals:

none, shes too nice.

Known Enemies:

Bad people.

Known Skills:

fairly adept at earth manipulation.

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