In the disguise of Brutalen, Titus Verine went undercover to learn about the Spiratan people, which in due process saw him rise to some prominence and marry the sister of the Captain to whom he earned honour with. The character of Brutalen became himself a respected commander in the Spiratan Army alongside the captain who became his friend and shield brother.

But things only last for so long.

And some things last longer or prove truer than can be expected, Titus and Persephone fell in love, and she learned the true name of her husband. A name which had weight and respect in its own right, a champion of the Wrotan Republic even as the Empire rose and the Spiratans went to war against the Elemental Union.

And while Titus Verine was away, his old nemesis Agammemnon conspired and kidnapped Persephone and her newborn child from Spirata, with the child being placed in the Orb of Zanzibar as a trap for Titus to fall into when he inevitably came looking for jutice. Titus was successful in rescuing the child and his wife from Spiratan hospitality and took them into safety, somewhere with the help of an old friend, Rana Dae.

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