Pirate Steve

Not the final breaker, heavy with brine, that thunders onshore, and creates the silence of sand, that encircles the world, but the inner spaces of force, the naked power of the waters, the immoveable solitude, brimming with lives. It is Time perhaps, or the vessel filled with all motion, pure Oneness, that death cannot touch, the visceral green of consuming totality.


Ex Drowned Man, now a Feymori


Known Alies:

Steve Rava/Pirate Steve/Mr. Steve/Deadman


somewhere in Taris, though lives most of the time at his bar.

Known Family

Half Brother: Guybrush Threepwood, Half Brother: TL Rava

Political Affiliation:

The Light Company (though not apart of it)
The Sun Guard (Although not officially apart of them, he considers them family)
Those of water who are united

Known Associates:

The Sun Guard

Known Rivals:

Those who have more Rank in the Rum Guild on Taris

Known Enemies:

None known

Known Skills:

One of the few Master Rum Maker of the Rum Guild in Taris; His skills around ships is also recognised though is not the fighter type.


- Runs a guild for pirates to learn how to make rum from time to time.
- Royal Maker of Rum for Queen Alyra Tremaine, also a Royal Maker of Rum for the pirate king.
- Can Make Master Crafted Ships though as of yet he has yet to build his own.
- Has been recognised by the School of Waves Master and wears the colours of the guild,
- He has made it clear to the pirates that he is on no ones side and that he only works for the king because of the money.
- Has yet to find his memories of his former life or who he is, he is waiting on some paperwork to hopefully guide him to his previous life
- His sword that has yet to be named, has been with him through three of his lifes, whether it has an ancestral past has yet to be seen
- Currently Has Three sons/daughters along the way, one being an offspring after a fling with the Demon Princess of Sin

-Died during the week facing math,

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