Pirates are a collective who operate by their own rules. In the files section of this page are some hard and fast rules and information about life at sea in Urutau.

You have built the idea of being a Pirate Crew, spend the skill points to get the ship, all that is left now is to assign roles, and get on with the pirate action… if only it was that simple… actually it can be! Off you go, as a pirate crew outside of the Brethren Court, taking up roles as Captain, The Bosun etc – without any fluffy dressing.

The Brethren Court:

Of course, there is always the organisation of the Brethren Court (also known as ‘The Shadow Court’), led by the Pirate King that operates out of Talaquesta among the islands surrounding Taris, the home nation of the Feymori. Characters can either join up with this court in play, or spend more of their character creation points to have already joined – at least, the designated Captain of the Pirate Crew can, or should.

Pirate Captain

There is being named Captain of an independent Pirate Crew, and being a Pirate Captain, someone who has sworn their allegiance to the Pirate King, and may ordain ship mates into the Brethren Court, until such time as they swear their oath before the Pirate King.

Skill Pts/ Level: Social Rank: Notes:
0: Pirate: Member of the Brethren Court only.
1: Captain: They gain +1 to their Deception Skill.
2: Pirate Captain: May induct crew into the Brethren Court.
3: Benefits #1: Annual Wage of 500 Silver Crests.
4: Benefits #2: Resist Mind Effects* x4 per day.

*Works versus Mundane and Enchanted Mind Effects.

The Rest of the Pirate Crew

They may also gain benefits over time, or at beginning investment, if they are willing to spend the skill points (in many instances, a Referee should mediate design of a crew to include any non-player characters) – they are as follows The Quarter Master is the disciplinarian aboard the ship they act as a counter to the Captain if issues arise aboard the ship with the crew granting them a status of elevation above all others. The quartermaster is often granted a veto power by a pirate ship's ‘Articles of Agreement’, in order to create an officer who could counterbalance the powers of the pirate captain though usually only acts when not in pursuit of a prize or engaged in a battle. Pirate quartermasters, like pirate captains, were usually elected by their crews – though this is not always the case.

The Quarter Master

It is often the quartermaster's responsibility to lead the pirate boarding party when coming aboard another ship. This was usually done from the quarter deck which was the place where two ships touched during the boarding attack.

Skill Pts/ Level: Social Rank: Notes:
0: Pirate: Member of the Brethren Court only.
1: Master: They gain +1 to their Deception Skill.
2: Quarter Master: x1 No Effect versus the Captain daily.
3: Benefits #1: Resist Fear x3 per day (M or Enchanted).
4: Benefits #2: Enchanted Fear x4 per day vs Crew only.

The Master

The Master is the navigator, usually the captains second, sometimes referred to as a First Mate and can often become embroiled in the politics of the running of a ship, either to hope to become Captain one day themselves, or to counter machinations of a Quarter Master.

Skill Pts/ Level: Social Rank: Notes:
0: Pirate: Member of the Brethren Court only.
1: Master: They gain +1 to their Orientation Skill.
2: Pirate Master: They gain Lore: Seas of Urutau (2).
3: Navigator #1: The ship has +3 Mundane Dodges daily.
4: Navigator #2: The ship sails an extra 20 miles per day.

The Bosun

The Bosun sees to all Rope Works, Anchors, the Colours and the general welfare, or seaworthiness of the ship. Their working orders see them dealing with the demands of a Captain and the allowances of the Quarter Master.

Skill Pts/ Level: Social Rank: Notes:
0: Pirate: Member of the Brethren Court only.
1: Bosun: They gain +1 to their Trade Skill.
2: Pirate Bosun: They gain +2 Mundane Dodges per day.
3: Bosun #1: The ship gains +3 Construction Points.
4: Bosun #2: The ship gains +4 Construction Points.

Ships Mate

Ships Mate* assists any of the higher ranks but in general is one of the assorted motley crew of the Pirate Ship.

Skill Pts/ Level: Social Rank: Notes:
0: Pirate: -
1: Salty Pirate: They gain +1 Hits to All Locations.
2: Ordained Pirate: Member of the Brethren Court only.
3: Pirate #1: +3 Mundane Dodges per Day**.
4: Pirate #2: They keep one of the above bonuses.
5: Pirate #3: They may keep all of the above bonuses.

* Pirate Officer Positions may not also take this list.

**Taking on a rank of Pirate Officer in play means that the character loses these bonuses.

The Pirates King Levy:

As night begins to fall, Agents of the Brethren Court are sent out to all Pirates of the Brethren Court in order to extract the Pirates Kings Levy; on an ordinary (Event) day this is a simple levy of 8 Silver per Pirate Crew; however if any of the Pirate Crew have earned a Void Point, for the price of 1 Gold Crown, the Pirate King can take the Void Point, cleansing the Pirate of the Void Point before it takes effect and the levy remains paid for that Crew Member only. Non-payment of the levy results in the Character gaining the infamous 'Black Spot' upon their (usually) left hand, though it may manifest where it is able (not all pirates have both hands for example!), further Black Spots may begin to appear if the time since the last levy continues to go unpaid, until finally an accord is made between the Brethren Court and the Dread Fleet, and the debt it passed over to the Dread Fleet to claim new Crew Members, settling the debt.

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