Pliskin Iroquois


Pliskin Iroquois, son of Nazgra Iroquois & Miho Iroquois.


Pliskin, Grand-Master Wasteland hunter, Apex hunter, Assassin, The man who died 67 times, Mud-man.



Physical Description:

This Morigena has a slim figure and comes in about 6ft 2, although he looks weedy don't let his appearance fool you he is a survivor of the harsh Lyzeria wastelands.
Pliskin has Moss green eyes that portray an acclimatize look to them due to the hardships he has faced.
As for scars, he has a scar that runs down his right eye which he had received in battle with a Fomori. The other scar Pliskin has received that runs from the corner of his right eye down to his neck, is from Lord Astagos as a gift for Pliskin giving him the war-trophy of an Echo Wraith. As for his clothes, he wears black clothing which covers almost all of his body to make it easier for the hunter to hide from sight or to stalk his prey. Finally sheathed on his sash that resides around his waist line is his childhood sword Foxhound which is the signature weapon that he uses in combat.


Raised in The Hunting Woods on the outskirts of the Morigena Kingdom.

Political Affiliation:

A secret member of House Stern and also an ally of The Dracosylph and a member of The Light Company.


His father is Nazgra Iroquois a Morigena and his Mother is Miho Iroquois a Nimorian, they are currently residing in the Morigena Kingdom at the moment alive and well.

His Uncle, Tidus Iroquois who was his teacher that taught him to survive in the Hunting Woods and then eventually took him to different places around Urutau to teach him the certain skills he has honed on today. Tidus is currently dead after Pliskin found him in the The Hunting Woods as he was hunting down the Echo Wraith that separated them.


Pliskin was born in the Morigena Kingdom of Urutau, from the House Stern royal blood flows through his veins however his Father Nazgra decided to take his wife's last name Iroquois to cover up their royal heritage, this was because they wanted to live a normal life without people acknowledging them by their royalty but by their actions.

During his childhood years, Pliskin was always adventurous and would often explore the Kingdom looking for what he would assume was quests. However, this caused the young Morigena to get in quite a bit of trouble. Twice a year his Uncle, Tidus would come visit him and his family, bringing tales of great adventure and defeated foes he had faced during the harsh wastelands. Listening to the stories this sparked the young Pliskin's mind and inspired him to be the Wasteland hunter that he is today.

On his 10th birthday, Pliskin grew tired of living in the Morigena Kingdom. So he asked his Uncle to take him under his wing and teach him the ways of the Wastelands and how to survive within them. His family was reluctant to let him go. However, Tidus saw great potential in the boy and convinced his parents to let him follow his dreams and wishes.

During his time in the Hunting woods, Pliskin survived many vicious encounters with the creatures that lived within them. Many a night, Pliskin almost faced death from either the bone-chilling temperatures of Lyrzeria itself, hunger, fatigue or the hostile denizens that inhabited the land. Some days his Uncle would leave the young boy to fend for himself to test his resolute and bravery to survive alone and other days Tidus would teach him how to hunt and kill for survival. Tidus, would sometimes take Pliskin to different areas around Urutau to adjust him to the different environments.

This lasted for the next eight years until his Uncles disappearance, on their latest expedition around Lyrzeria's wastelands they encountered an Echo Wraith and after a long battle with the Wraith it was obvious they would not win. With that in mind, Tidus pushed Pliskin away saving him from the deathly grips of the Wraith. However that was the last time Pliskin ever saw him. Left in the bitter cold Pliskin made his way back slowly to the Morigena Kingdom which lasted days as the snow wore down his spirit and slice through his flesh. Once he re-entered the Kingdom he would then go to meet his family telling them what happened to his Uncle.

From there on, Pliskin joined the Army as a scout and assassin along with his small team of professionals they would patrol around the outskirts of the Kingdom or certain places in Lyzeria giving information to their Captain of what was going on. Unfortunately, during one of their missions a void-tainted Fomori infiltrated their group and massacred them apart from Pliskin. A battle ensued between them and the evenutally the Wastelander won, although consequently Pliskin received a deep gash down his face leaving a scar there to remind him of the betrayal of his own people.

The next year, Pliskin retired from the army and decided to explore Urutau where he found the Light company, and the other members trying to fight the void and now he has dedicated his life to fight the evil forces the Void have employed.

Known Associates:

Duke Rana Dae
Autumn and Haiden
Midas Dae
Alyra and Pyrrhus

Known Enemies:

He is against the Agents of the Void.

Known Skills:

A Grandmaster Wastelander, Apex hunter and Myrmidon soldier.


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