Purgatory One

Purgatory One is a Demon Prison, used to house rogue demons and prisoners intended to suffer aeon long punishments for crimes against demonkind and the Void. For the more mundane, a sentence of confinement to Purgatory One is a death sentence, no heroes of the Elemental Union have ever returned from here and those who have entered, either freely of their own will or through chains of captivity have ever managed to keep their soul intact, such is the manner in which the prison seeps into the children of the Elemental Union.

The Custodian runs Purgatory One, and he is assisted by many slaves and demon warriors, not to mention the grand mazes that surround the penal colony in which many prisoners are housed, nominally those who are bound until death…

In recent times however (towards the end of the year 913 of the Age of Fire), members of the Elemental Union made their way into the prison to successfully rescue Yalirus and kill the Custodian in the process, facing some of the veils that separate the sections of the demon prison. What follows on from that is at yet to be discovered, no doubt a new custodian will be apppointed, and demonic forces will be looking into the travesty…

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