Quelas is the nation where The Queldi make their homes. It is located immediately south of The Wrotan Empire and acts as a go between from there to Korrigania, home of the Korrigan.

All of the occupied land territories are outside of the great forest which lies in the center of Quelas and is strictly recognised as a domain of the druids and full of mystery, wonder and danger. In recent times the druids were able to put up a protective ward which stops the incursion of outside forces into the Forest which remains active to present day.

There are five primary cities that are the basis of control and power within the kingdom, given to the support of the High Queen of Quelas, newly crowned, and endorsed by the wisdom and guidance of the Druids, this forms the basis of politics in Quelas

Without a ruling monarch, clashes between the tribes has meant civil unrest which led to subjugation being easier for the Wrotan Empire who were ever-present in the cities and major towns, manipulating political matters or supporting leaders as well as taking young Queldi into the ranks of the Empire Army - a heavy Wrotan influence remains within the cities even now the Empire is gone.

There are small independent war bands who opposed Wrotan rule, some even make mildly successful attacks on Wrotan Logistical forces travelling between the Empire and Korrigania, mainly in the eastern hills that are reportedly the ancestral home of the High King and the royal line. Area knowledge perhaps keeps them ahead of Wrotan Scout Forces who attempt to hunt them, or perhaps something else…


Hex Map Locations:

1: The Darkwood Lands of Southport.
2: The Stretch of the Seaworthy.
3: The Lands of the Blackmane.
4: The Lands of the Irricente.
5: The Plains of the Farvalyn Tribe.
6: The Wild Lands of the Cursed Tribe.
7: The Great Forest of Quelas, Sanctuary of the Druids.

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