Quelas Politics

Politics in Quelas is based around the rule of a High King or Queen, who is guided by the wisdom and power of the Druids, before all others. But a wise ruler will also listen to the nobles of Quelas and the council they form.

These nobles are the Penn-Thanes of the Five Tribes, a rank equivalent to a Duke. Rarely do the entire council come together before the King or Queen, though a wise Penn-Thane will elect a trusted Thane to be available at all times to the monarch and act on their own behalf. A Thane is equivalent to a Baron in the Social Status of Urutau,

It is to be noted, that in Quelas, and despite his actual rank being a Penn-Thane (of the Sea Worthies Tribe), the shrewd lord uses the title, or is known simply as 'The Thane'. He has a keen mind for politics and financial gain, and is recognised as the most powerful among the Penn-Thanes.

True to Queldi ways, their lesser nobles use only one other title - Leth-Thane (equivalent to a Knight) and they seem to have no other distinctions between noble ranks.

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