Rahi Ack Vanzaang


Rahi Sand


Fykari (not void-tainted)


Rahi is a normal sized fykari woman with short hair, and a scar under her right eye. She wears traditional fykari clothing (with all the colours!) underneath leather armour.


Born and raised in The Burning Sands



Political Affiliation

does it bleed?


Rami Ack Vanzaang/Sand (brother)
Gorbel Ack Vanzaang (Uncle)
Raheen Ack Vanzaang (father)
Unnamed Mother


Rahi and her brother fled the tribe they were born into when they realised the tribe were full of void-tainted fykari, and they weren't about that life. They joined another fykari tribe that was small and travelled the sands, helping those that needed it. A few months ago her and her brother were all killed, and she was taken to Nor-Cavallel where she would become one of O'Dimm's slave gladiators.


Hero of Lord Helios
Princess of Vulgorn
Captain of the Light Company
Paladin of the Church of the Elemental Union
Whisperer of Squids and Wolves

Known Associates/Friends

Tior-No Tribe
Alaar Valnaan
Syllarin Una (deceased)
Ashan Al Hasan No
Lady Nienna Dae
Brahn Shattershield
Ragnar Shattershield
Oberon (deceased)
Vanna (deceased)
Logan Jonah
Amelia Jonah
Ali Salah-Adin (sp?)
Maximus Vortraine
Tiberius Whatsit-I-can't-pronounce

Known Enemies

Void-Tainted Fykari
Creepy dolls that won't leave me alone!!
Any ship ever
Raheen Ack Vanzaang
The Phoenix Dark Knight
The Purple Legion

Known Rivals

Raheen Ack Vanzaang

Recent History

After a successful campaign for the Light Company in the Savage Mountains, there was much to be dealt with. Rahi had the Light Company return to Wrotentia to deal with some matters, and then move to their next mission. But an urgent letter from her Uncle, King of Vulgorn, had Rahi take off to deal with some matters. She attended a cooking competition hosted by a feygorn, with the hopes of finding out what happened to some of her people, but instead found herself the victim of an attempted (and almost successful!) poisoning. When trying to deal with who she suspected to be the guilty parties, there is much confusion as to what lead to her death. It seems that she followed the feygorn known as Frederick out into the Desert, where he assissinated her, leaving her half-dead scorpion to escort her remains back to Wroth Gelrehan. But it could be that there was more to it than that…there were rumours of an attempted kidnapping…?
But nevertheless, the Hero was murdered in the sands, possibly before her time. Fate might have other plans for her, but she left much unfinished business.

Unfinished business

Dealing with O'Dimm
Helping the feytir reclaim their homeland
Recover missing phoenix eggs
Peace with the feygorn, now quite unlikely…
Dealing with Raheen Ack Vanzaang
Unrest in Wrotentia
Dealing with 'Duke' Harkon
Seeing the Water Gardens
Tea with Vale

Known Fears

Confined Spaces
The Dark
Losing her friends

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