Rennata Laminaria/Ráva



Physical Description:
Hair dreaded in hues of deep purple and blacks. Blue and white scale-like gills around the forehead and sides of face, trailing down to the neck and further. Blue lips with a deep blue line in the middle, with elongated ears to be streamline in the water. Prefers to wears gowns and skirts in blacks, purples and blues, with heavy boots and her staff close to hand at all times.


Political Affiliation:
The Brethren Court

Known Associates:
Fearghas Macleod 
Skyship Captain Maximillian III
Tsunamika (Renatta's apprentice/daughter) *Passed away*
Leon De' Vier
Braeden Fletcher
The Light Company

Known Rivals:
Morzan (long time drinking partner, brother in arms, and someone to pick her up off the floor after a good night in the tavern)
Etar (eternally poggin')
Shiro (lover, and fiance)

Known Enemies:
Sir Telellë Ráva (Father)

Known Skills:
Healer, calmer of arguments

Renatta was born in a small island in the Nimorian Kingdoms, in the eastern colony, to Chorda and Telellë Rava. She spent her early years in an uneventful but happy childhood, amusing herself by playing by the beach where they lived, casting water manipulation in different shapes and patterns, under the close guidance and help of her mother. When she was young, Telelle had wanted to walk away from the relationship with her mother, and so collected a small backpack, heading off back to the sea. Not wanting to lose her father, Renatta hid in the backpack, only being found on the Liberty, in her father's cabin playing with water.

As she grew, she stayed on the liberty, eventually becoming a mate. Her knowledge of the ship and it's crew led to her being very good at swindling whatever she needed from them, be it sweets, money, information or just friendship. Honing her skills as a healer, as a water elemental and as a key member of the crew, she felt settled. Some of the crew changed but a lot stayed, and soon become close family. She soon fell in love with a member of the crew, a then lowly mate by the name of Bart. Being in the naive stages of teenage years, he convinced her to run away, to marry. The honeymoon period waned and Renatta found herself trapped in a loveless marriage, with a baby on the way and a husband who tended to be heavy handed when he had a drink. Ula was born, and instantly, became the light of her life. Even Bart sobered, and Ula's first four years of life was blissful.

But, all good things must come to an end. With the inn calling, Bart frequented it again, and in time, became more abusive. Renatta tried desperately to save her broken family, but it was too late. No matter how much she tried, an occasional lash from Bart ended on Ula. Frustrated with the child that had taken so much of his wife's time and attention, and of course not being one to blame himself, Bart had enough. He promised Renatta to take Ula out to the waters with him, to teach her, and allow her to play. To give Renatta a rest. Tired from the abuse and handling a very excitable, energetic child, she agreed. That was the last she saw of her daughter. Bart came home, without their daughter, in another drunken rage.

In her grief and despair, after Bart had taken her by force to their marriage bed, Renatta had enough. Packing what she could, her staff in hand, she fled his home, and soon found her way back to her father, who welcomed her back with open arms, happy she was alive. She continued working for his ship as a healer and water elemental, her heart heavy with grief. Little did she know of the true betrayal that lay in her future. In 914AoF, Renatta found Ula, now known as Tsunamika, who had been taken care of by Ironstein, never knowing her true mother. Once together, they did very little apart, rebuilding their relationship back, which flourished into a close bond.

But, tragedy has a way of finding even the luckiest. Telelle, tained by void, turned his back on good to surrender to the void completely. In an attempt to save him, both her and Tsunamika, along with Shiro and Etar amongst others, followed his tracks, wanting to at least try to convert him back. They were not successful. With Renatta taken to the Cathedral of Nails and Torment, Telelle took one more action, to complete his turning to the void. He killed his flesh and blood, his granddaughter, Tsunamika.

Her time in the Cathedral of nails and Torment were some of the darkest periods in her life. Abused beyond mortals words, used to create demon spawn, and tortured, she wished for death with every ebbing moment of her life. Luckily, she was saved, but the damage had been done. Telelle was dead to her. Tsunamika was gone. Her body was damaged. All she could do now, was rebuild, to strengthen, and to pursue what needed to be done.

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