One of the variety of Enchanted Diseases that may be caught in game.

Reversal is a disease which effects primarily the Were-Urgo, though any character with natural regenerative abilities may be eligible to catch it.

Infection: It is possible to catch Reversal by putting too much strain (excessive amounts of damage) on the natural regenerative properties within the body of the target.


  • Stage One: Day One: Natural Regeneration stops working.
  • Stage Two: Day Two (and onwards): Continued infection leads to the character starting to 'fall apart' as all healed wounds start to reopen, and skin/ fur starts to decay and fall away (and makes the decaying properties useless for Alchemy!)
  • Stage Three: Reduced to Zero Hits, if untreated, the infected character will die.

Detection: In the first instance, failing to regenerate can be a good indicator, old wounds opening up or a general decay in appearance nigh on confirms the presence of the Enchanted Disease, which upon proper diagnosis enables the presiding medic a chance to cure the disease.

Treatment: An Enchanted Alchemical Antidote is required, involving the ingredient, Spriggan Sap.

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