Rhianna was an old, wizened Feymori woman when she was last encountered in 907AoF, as the Light Company happened upon her and her condition when they travelled to the island of Turow. Indeed, the reason for her being sought out was by the direction of Fate itself, and her help required in locating the then missing Elemental Sword of Fire. The complications in this task were twofold, Rhianna's price for her help, and her release from binding wards emplaced around her own little home by the enemy on the island, Sharia - and a new husband from among the members of the Light Company.

The stand off between Rhianna and Sharia was broken by the Light Company, and one of the company also volunteered to marry Rhianna! The Ritual was then performed and the Light Company able to seek out and find the Elemental Sword of Fire. Leaving the island of Turow behind them as they sought out other missions.

What became of Rhianna after this is generally unknown, she vanished as did her husband, though not together, as her Queldi husband fled the Light Company before he could consumate the marriage!

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