Morrigana Galaalvaellen of the Rowan Family




Darkheart; void tainted feytir


Little is known about Rowan's background other than that she fled her homelands of Larrasu after the Elemental Union began to meddle in its affairs and halt the progress of the feytir council in uniting all under the banner of the Void, the Darkhearts. She was born to a small collection of Darkhearts from the Rowan family, but preferred to live in solitude.

At some point she gave birth to a boy, but left him in the care of a feytir village.


Rowan is a rather sarcastic and lazy individual, but has been known to be nicer to people when it benefits her. She prefers to keep to herself, but has a newfound companionship with Talon the werewolf and Toothless the black dracosylph.

In more recent times, Rowan has become a bit nicer since becoming a mother. She is still capable of great evils, such as killing Talon, and committing several blood sacrifices to summon Lord Vidious…

Current Allies



Rowan is a skilled mage of void magic and biomancy. She is also a chirurgeon and wood-crafter.

She is well-versed in Blight magic, and has created one of her own, which is home to her, her children, her lover and some friends.

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