Rules Addendum

Herein be rules that supercede or add to any that are presented in the 4th Edition Rules.

1: New Skills Lists: They will appear in the relevant racial or skill sections, and are to be found out about in play, these skill lists will state if they are active or not.

2a:Trade Skills: covering Trade Skills in general.
2b:Trapper: is an investigation and look into how the Trade Skill may be employed.

3: Submissions: The guidelines for submitting new ideas for ELEMENT.

4: The Summer Prime: A list for Astor the Red and his progeny…

5: Warriors of the Sun: A potential list for followers of Lord Helios.

6: Works in Progress: Appear in the files section of this page for perusal.

7: Dragon Cultist Skills: Some of these have +2 'No Effects' versus Dragon Shouts. They are +2 Uses per Day, which I failed to specify in the write up…

8: Spiratan Training: While the Armour Skill must still be learnt, the Spiratan Training allows for the soldier to gain all of the benefits of wearing armour, without the need to actually wear it - this skill is activated in the morning with a morning work out to gain the armour bonus, which is transferred from the Characters Body Overflow for the remainder of the day. So if the Character can wear Rigid Leather and could gain a +3 Hits bonus, they gain that to their base hits, but their Body Overflow is reduced by -3 for the remainder of the day.

9: Shrines: As per page 379 of the Element: Age of Dragons Player Handbook, I would like to clarify upon the following 'The Shrine may be mobile, but like many things, can be a target for enemies if it is easily found'. A Shrine is a Mundane Item, empowered by the Disciples Faith, but it remains a Mundane Item with Mundane Stability, and if it is broken, all investment in the Shrine is lost when broken, and a new shrine must be built from scratch. This is why the 'Disciple of War' on page 459 of the Element: Rules Compendium has a sword, and its limited ability versus a Disciples Shrine, is to have a potential of x4 Mundane No Effects, and by wiping the blade with their own blood, may restore the weapons strength through their Faith in Lord Mars. Same or similar rules apply to the Warmonger and a War Banner as listed on page 461 of the Element: Rules Compendium. A Shrine is a powerful creation, that should be protected, for it will always be bound to its physical form and the vulnerabilities that comes with it.

10: Harpies: Harpies may purchase Natural Weapons as their Void Taint twists their physical form and turns their finger nails into claws and teeth become sharpened - beware! Out of water, these become more brittle, and may break with careless use, requiring Referee Mediation.

11: Chirurgery: Levels 6 - 10, outside of the Chirurgeons Guild, uses the following guidelines, for Advanced Chirurgery.

12: The Pirate Kings Levy: has been added into the write up for Pirates.

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