Scholarly status reflects a general social standing in the field of study that the scholar excels in, but also provides some social benefits. Some levels of this Social Status require prerequisities.

The Scholar list is applicable to one skill list only. For example, a player with multiple magic skill lists may choose to be a Scholar of all of those lists, but will have to purchase the Scholar list independently for each one. So a player with the skill lists for Elementary Magic and Ritual Magic may be a Scholar of both, but will have to purchase the Scholar list twice, once for each subject.
If players wish to purchase the Scholar list multiple times, the subject must be of the same field of study. So a Scholar of Alchemy may also be a Scholar of Forage, Poisons, Herbology etc.
If a player wishes to become a Scholar of Elemental Magic, the Element must be specified, ie. Scholar of Elemental Magic: Water. A Scholar of Elemental Magic may teach level 1 of that skill list to a student of a different Element, whereby the Student receives the relevant xp break. Level 2 and upwards of Elemental Magic must be taught by a teacher of the same element as the student.

Level One: Patron of Lore: The chosen subject of the Scholar, or would be Scholar at this level is something that is more of a passion than anything else, as such, if the Patron of Lore speaks passionately about their chosen subject, all listeners gain a -1XP cost on improving the subject.

Level Two: Subject Authority: Requiring between levels three and four on the chosen subject, the Scholar is now a recognised figure of authority who can speak with clarity and knowing on the matter, with support from the local scholars. They may take on students who can gain from their knowledge, who in turn gain a -2XP break on learning the subject skill or lore. This does not stack with level one 'Patron of Lore' but instead replaces the experience point cost break.

Level Three: Subject Specialist: Requiring the level five with regards to the subject skill. They can speak with absolute authority amongst their people and are often approached by students or lesser masters of the subject matter for guidance and learning. They may take on three students who gain a -3XP break while they are learning the subject matter. This does not stack with the lower levels of Scholar, instead it replaces the XP breaks given.

Level Four: Subject Master: Academics across Urutau know of the Scholar and will send on requests and students to be enlightened by the wisdom of the Subject Master. It is not uncommon for the Scholar to be a teacher or lecturer employed or organised in such a way that they live within an Academy devoted to their Lore or Subject Matter. They may take on up to four personal students who gain a -4XP break on the learning of the subject. They may also lecture on the subject matter, to a maximum of twenty listeners who gain a token XP break of -1XP to learn the subject. Finally they draw an annual income from a support network of 250 Silver Crests per annum.

Level Five: Subject Grand-Master: There is nothing unknown to the Grand-Master of the subject. Debates on the subject get settled when you speak on the matter, to the point of defining the way in which it is taught or practised. The Grand-Master needs no longer have to make tests on the subject matter, they either know it, or they don't and in the extreme circumstances they will work alongside the Referee Team to settle any plot or definition of the problem or background on the subject. Five times per lifetime (so its a five use only benefit) the Grand-Master may create or direct the subject in new directions alongside the Referee Team.

NOTE: There may only be one Grand-Master at any one time.

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