Sea Nymphs

The Sea Nymphs are strange creatures of the Elemental Plane of Water, known more commonly for their female dominant species, they reside within the kingdom of Aqualonia, as allies and a part of the structure of that kingdom. They possess unique abilities, and understandings, but see value in connection to Aqualonia.


Unknown to many, the origins of the Sea Nymphs came about from the unions between fertile Nimorians and Water Elementals, and was not the result of an isolated incident - many Nimorians attempting to flee the Spring Fever looked for sanctuary on the Elemental Plane of Water, and whilst there, well… one thing led to another.

This was not in the plans of Lady Yaleena, but unwilling was she to condemn life born of fruit between her children, and so matters were taken in hand, and the race of Sea Nymphs truly born; since then it has become a forbidden thing for Water Elementals to breed with Nimorians, the same cannot be said for the Sea Nymphs. And this is how they developed into a full race, and beyond.

Somehow history lost sight of the cross genetics, Sea Nymphs live unusually long lives and their loyalty to Lady Yaleena and the races from which they sprung, led to the birth of Aqualonia, another genetic change in life.

Lady Yaleena was forced to act once more, decisively. Sea Nymphs were placed under a geas of sorts, one that would define their race. Longevity they may possess, but limited to one child only, one child that they would devote their lives to and separate them from the lives of their offshoot race, the Aqualonians.

Physical Characteristics:

This is a race that has both male and females, though it is predominantly female - all have blue or green skin hues that change with age, and favour long flowing hair and are little concerned with concepts of modesty or shame. They possess the natural ability to control water and transform into water at will, which reinforces the lack of need for clothing; Sea Nymphs live very long lives, spanning many thousands of years.


Unlike the Nimorians, they do not naturally lean towards a matriarchal society, though with the predominance of the female versus the male, general outside perception is such, but the Sea Nymphs themselves value an individual for their merits - age and wisdom can be wise gauges of leadership. That they have a Queen currently is born of these ideals and a trace of ancestry, Queen Edlen deals with the Aqualonians, and is authorised to speak for her people - to fit into Aqualonian society, she is the head of House Leummim, though Sea Nymphs value it less than their Aqualonian allies.

Racial Advantages:

Sea Nymphs can breathe underwater, and also possess Natural Water Manipulation which is controlled by an Enchanted Level of Power. Like the Water Elementals they are descended from, they can transform into water, to either travel through water at ease, or to to use as a form of hiding or concealment, this grants the sea Nymph 'Enchanted Stealth' and also 'Incorporeal' much like a Fey-Sirona, though a Sea Nymph may only do this within water.

Racial Disadvantages:

Like Water Elementals, a Sea Nymph suffers double damage from Fire. A Sea Nymph is also limited to just one child through the course of their life, enforced by a geas laid upon the race by Lady Yaleena


While Sea Nymphs are not a Player Race, they possess Skill Lists relevant to their race, and potentially open to being taught outside of their race, if one is willing to learn Lore: Sea Nymphs (5) and do a lot of hard work and grovel to the Referee Team.

The Water Warrior: Sea Nymphs trained to protect the colonies of the Sea Nymphs, they sometimes fight alongside the forces of Aqualonia.


1: Sea Nymphs only (A Water Race with Heroic Status may be eligible for consideration).

Level One: Lesser Power of the Sea: The character gains Immunity to Mundane 'Singles'.

Level Two: The Strength of the Sea: The character gains +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Greater Power of the Sea: The character gains Immunity to Mundane 'Doubles' and 'Triples'.

Level Four: Water Blade: Four times per day, the character may form a weapon out of water, that will last for the duration of their next fight. The weapon is treated as a mundane weapon.

Level Five: Corrosion: Five times per day, the character may use their Water Manipulation to accelerate the corrosive process against any Mundane item made of metal upon one target location; alternatively the ability of Corrosion may be used as a once per day ability to destroy something like a metal door, subject to referee Discretion and Mediation.

The Order of Purity: The Priestesses of Sea Nymph society preach and practice a code of cleanliness and purity…


1: Sea Nymphs only.

Level One: Sense Impurity in Water: The character can easily sense when something has tainted the water under their line of sight.

Level Two: Immunity to Mundane Poisons: The character suffers no effects from 'Mundane' poisons.

Level Three: Sense Void Taint: The character is able to sense Void-Taint in an individual, three times per day,

Level Four: Immunity to Enchanted Poisons: The character suffers no effects from 'Enchanted' poisons.

Level Five: Prayer of Purification: Use of this ability requires the character to touch a target, but upon activation, and invoking the name of Lady Yaleena through the power of prayer, all Poisons, Toxins, Harmful Agents and Void Taint can be expelled from the target. This prayer may be used once per event.

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