Shape Changing

Shape-Changing is an ability most Demons have at least a basic investment in as a part of their understanding of the Laws of Chaos.

Level One: Manifestation Form: This is the form the Demon takes when it manifests of Urutau.

Level Two: Stealth Form: This form allows the Demon to add +2 to its Stealth Ability.

Level Three: Freeform: The Demon is able to assume any likeness or form that is chooses for purposes of deception or cosmetic reasons.

Level Four: Elemental Form: The Demon is able to turn in to a Void Elemental.

Level Five: War Form: Increasing in bulk and taking on sharpened, jagged edges and horns and all things offensive, the War Form allows for greater fighting ability adding +5 to Hits and may call up to x5 per Day Damage Calls of 'Crush' or 'Sever'.

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