The Town of Snowdale is a central manor. it forms a key trade road in the barony of Baron Veren Dae, and the county of Souwei-Lorsan in the duchy of Hrivemir. In the Second Year of the Age of Dragons, Duke Rana Dae knighted the Nimorian Paladin, Sir Syllarin Una.

Its neighbours are the manors of Halatz Ice Field and Bleakwynd Tor.

Due to its location, close to the wall of the Southern Boundary of Souwei-Lorsan, it also has a military fort in its south western edge, known as 'Fort Snowdale', this serves as a supply point for the Southern Watch.

Hex Map Locations:

1: The Town of Snowdale.
2: The Manor of Halatz Ice Field.
3: The Manor of Bleakwynd Tor.
4: Fort Snowdale.

Economy: Average.
Military: High.
Technology: Average.
Magic: Average.
Population: Very High.

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