Social And Military Rankings

Social and Military Rankings are not fully covered in the rule books and subject to change and expansion, as well as plot manipulation and progress. As such, they have a place of importance that can be easily updated, meaning they have their home on this here wiki. Anyone can purchase the subjects linked through this page, providing they have the Experience Points available and the background or plot to reinforce the rankings.

Social Ranks:

Note: Most of this lists have stated XP costs for the rank, going from level one to level two has a reduction of what level one cost, from the cost of level two, and so on, so going from level four to level five is reduced by the xp cost for level four. Example: Level One Nobility (Knight) is 15XP. Level Two Nobility (Lord Knight) is 20XP, but going from one to two costs 5XP. It would then cost a further 5XP to become a Level Three Nobility (Baron). All changes should be reinforced with roleplay.

1: Diplomatic.
2: Heroic Status
3: Merchant.
4a: Nobility.
4b: High Nobility.
5: Scholar.

Military Ranks:

1: Military Ranking without Nobility.
2: Military Ranking with Nobility.
3: Naval Ranking without Nobility.
4: Naval Ranking with Nobility.
5: Pirates.

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