Soul Rendering

A specific, and cruel aspect of Divine Void Magic that allows for the destruction of a soul, or the division of it, assumed to be a counter magic to the power of Dragons, or perhaps something more.

- 1: Spirit Magic (5).
- 2: Biomancy (5).
- 3: Neuromancy (5).
- 4: Chirurgery (10).
- 5: Elemental Void Magic (5).

Level One: Soul Vision: The caster of the spell can see the soul and the way it appears around the being that the soul belongs to.

Note: The casting of this spell requires the expenditure of a Fate Point or a Void Point.

Level Two: Soul Provider: Casting this spell reinforces and strengthens the soul with the grace of the power called upon. If a Fate Point is spent casting this spell, the target may be stripped of a permanent Void Point. If Void Points are being used to strip Fate Points, or to contaminate the soul with the Void, the rate is three Void Points to destroy a Fate Point, or two Void Points to contaminate a soul with the Void. These are permanent effects .

Focus: Cost: Effect:
X1 Fate Point: Fate Point + Spell Strips Target of 1 Perm Void Pt.
X1 Void Point: Void Point + Spell Temp Void Point Contamination.
X2 Void Points: Void Points + Spell Gives Target 1 Perm Void Point.
X3 Void Points: Void Points + Spell Strips Target of a Fate Point.

Level Three: Soul Manipulation: Use of this spell is dangerous and universally recognised as dark magic, though there is always the intention of using this magic for good – however, the bitter truth is that the use of Soul Manipulation is to go against the wills of the Lords and Ladies. As such, manipulating the soul of the target is subject to Referee Mediation and earns Void Points on the level of invasion/ manipulation of the soul.

Degree of Manipulation: Void Points Earned:
Very Light: 1
Light: 2
Average: 3
Intense: 4
Complex: 5

Level Four: Soul Tearing: The use of this spell allows the caster to tear away parts f the targets living soul, causing permanent physical and mental damage to the target as they do so. A soul can be torn into pieces as many times as the target has hit points, though with fine execution, and skill, the soul can be torn into greater pieces for dark purposes and is highly subject to Referee Guidance.

Level Five: Soul Destruction: The worst form of attack devised by the Void, destruction of the soul leaves a target open to possession on a permanent basis, or death through inaction, incapable of protecting themselves a target stripped off its soul barely breathes, let alone operates with any effect. Use of this spell earns the caster Five Permanent Void Points.

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