Southport is the southern most city of the Queldi people. It is master of the northern edge of the great bridge built by the Gornang which connects Quelas to the city known as Northport in Korrigania.

The Fey-Tir Alchemist, Baelvanna has a shop here, Baelvanna's Potions Emporium, obtained after the devastation caused by plague in 913 of the Age of Fire. The city is currently going through a phase of regeneration.

Since this time, Southport has been growing slowly but successfully owing in part to the regenerative efforts of the City, in part to the great success of the Queldi Games occurring here in 915AoF providing a much need injection to the Economy and in part to the sacrifice of the previous High Druid to provide a bountiful harvest to the entire nation of Quelas.

Statistics for the duchy of Southport, covering the Darkwood Region and using the Duke Game Play mechanics:

Economy: Average.
Military: Low.
Technology: High (Alchemy).
Magic: Low.
Population: Low.

Note: The region suffered heavily during the civil strife, with many Queldi dying through warfare and the use of unnatural diseases and poisons and is in a very poor state of recovery. It will take many more years before Southport becomes a fully stable City once more.

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