Souwei Lorsan

Souwei-Lorsan is the southern county of Hrivemir, cut between the Lyzerian woodlands and open plains that lead south to the Savage Mountains.

The country is defended by a thirty foot tall wall of ice that is maintained by the southern watch against incursions by the Werewolves and acts as the southern perimeter for the kingdom, with entry into the kingdom through the southern fortified city where House Dae makes its home. All warriors and rangers within the barony contribute to the management and security of the county, either through patrolling or manning the walls that define the southern perimeter.

Souwei-Lorsan is populated mainly by Morigena (55%) but also has a contingent of Nimorians (10%), some Men of the Mountains (5%), with the rest of the population made up of Purple and White Dracosylph (30%).


Hex Map Details:

1: The Castle, and main city of the County of Souwei-Lorsan, it is the ancestral home of House Dae.
2: Baron Tregar Dae, 1st Cousin of Godfrey Dae manages the Fourth Barony.
3: Baron Veren Dae, 2nd Son of Korsten Dae manages the Third Barony.
4: Earl Eudaf Dae, 2nd Son of Godfrey Dae manages the Earldom from the Second Barony where he has lived all his life.
5: The Principal Barony.
6: The County of Wesoui-Narkil.
7: The Hunting Wood, Clutch of House Dyrycnyzyr.
8: The Southern Ice Plains of Lyrzeria.
9: The Forest of Ice Tears.
10: The Forest of Ice Waves.
11a: Cold Point, the manor containing The Academy of Magic, formerly run by Sir Skyreach Whitewing.
11b: Earl Midas Dae, 1st Son of Godfrey Dae manages the Port of Souwei-Lorsan, this is just right of the Manor of Cold Point and has special status as an Earldom in its own right.
12: Demesne of The Town of Snowdale, Halatz Ice Field and Bleakwynd Tor.
13: Hrolgard.
14: Vessai the manor appointed to Sir Titus Verine.
15: Location of Dragonsfall Mead Hall, home of Duke Rana Dae.

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