Spirit Magic

A Spell List, concerning the world of spirits and the actions and reactions this has with Magic Users.

Note: Possessors of this skill list gain Lore: Spirits equal to their level in this skill list.

Level One: Detect Spirit: The casting of this spell reveals the presence of active or dormant spirits.

Level Two: Spiritual Warding: By casting this spell, the caster creates a 5m ‘Enchanted Area’ that Spirits may not pass through for the duration of the spell.

Level Three: Spirit Manipulation: While casting this spell, the caster is able to manipulate spiritual matter. In the event of incidental damage, a maximum of +3 ‘Enchanted Damage’ may be caused upon a target with one strike. Use of this skill will often require the mediation of a Referee.

Level Four: Summon/Banish Spirit: Providing the correct focus is known or the caster has a link to the spirit, the caster may summon a specified spirit from the spirit world to manifest within a designated area adjacent to the caster, usually closed off by Spirit Warding. The spirit must then remain in the location until released. The counter (or second) spell to this ‘Banish Spirit’ is the ability to banish a spirit from the vicinity, returning them to a position considered to be a fetter for the spirit that binds them to that place. They have to be cast separately.

Level Five: Destroy Spirit: An 'Enchanted' Attack does 'Quad Global' and destroys spiritual matter only. Spirits or Wraiths reduced to zero hits are destroyed completely.

Additional Notes: Ethereal Lords are to be considered special potent Spirits but they are immune to levels one to four of this spell list, level five does affect them however. Fey-Sirona are not affected by any uses of this spell list versus them, regardless of them being corporeal or incorporeal.

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