One of the variety of Enchanted Diseases that may be caught in game.

Infection: This Enchanted Disease is caught by members of the Elemental Union who regularly incur Void Taint (gaining a Void Point over two consecutive events or days) even if they repent of have the Void Taint removed they may still catch this disease under Referee Discretion.


  • Stage One: First 24 Hours: While effected by this disease, the target is completely blind during the day and covered in Purple and Orange Pustules that itch to the point that relief or concentration is impossible. During the night hours, the blindness clears and the target can see as clearly as if it were daytime.
  • Stage Two: Every additional 48 Hours: The target gains +1 Void Points.

Detection: Visually detectable, Splox requires Disease Level Four to be correctly diagnosed so that it may be treated.

Treatment: Requires a Greater Enchanted Alchemical Poultice made with the ground bones of an Echo Wraith that treats the disease, but also removes a Skill Level from Heroic Status, or if the character does not have Heroic Status, consumes a Fate Point. In the event the target has neither, the character loses +1 Hit Point permanently.

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