Suada and Rati


Race: Nimorians
Relations: Sisters, Twins
Occupation: Priestesses of Pleasure (Rumoured High Priestesses)
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Unidentical, Changes from story to story.
Story Type: Folklore


Ruby of the Sea - Ginny Di
Noble Maiden Fair - Ashley Serena, Karliene


Suada and Rati are the names of 2 Nimorian Women, born twins but not identical. They have always been close to one another in everything they do. Most say they became High Priestesses of Pleasure, but all that is certain is that they walked through life seducing everyone in their way. They became rich and famous, infamy to some, but now are a thing of legend. It is uncertain if these women truly existed, but the stories and songs told of these Masters of Seduction inspire women across Urutau.

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