Summer Prime

Red Dracosylph: Summer Prime
Original Concept by Nick Webb, Edited by Trevor Halliday.

Ideal's and Inspiration's:

Astor has heavy influence from the salamander's and their traditions and culture's so the word Prime fit's into how he has gone about his life as a Red Dracosylph the only one and so is by default on top and in some way's has been on top in respect to fire for awhile due to war's and blood, from his children to the salamander's to the gornang all heavy influence's in his path of fire along with his Lord Gorn obviously.

Much was kept from the winter lord with some change's here and there, like healing one's self with fire and through damage while making sense for the winter version not so in fire which more seem's like melting thing's with break item would make much more sense.

The Summer Prime (Concept by Nick Webb) is a hardened and burnt by the nature of fire it live's a breathes the intense heat of the land's it dwell's from the fire realm's to the Fire nation's it is strong a Leader of Flame's a prime.


1: Red Dracosylph only.
2: Summer Warrior (5).
3: Touched by Fire (5).

Level One: Cloak of Fire: The character’s Stealth is considered to be ‘Enchanted’ while they are in the Fire Nations (The Burning Sands, Luustrokk, Khayeim and Grun as well as the Elemental Plane of Fire).

Level Two: Prime's Nest: The Prime can burn intensely, to burrow and sleep or find shelter twice per day, by moving into solid rock to rest and be safe from all 'Mundane' and 'Enchanted' Damage and Detection. This works for the Prime only and takes one minute to be fully used to build up the heat and burrow into melted rock.

Level Three: Prime's Will: The character gains Immunity to Fear and Intimidation, Mundane and Enchanted.

However in cold climate's the Prime's Will is restricted to a +3 to Deception versus Mundane Fear and Intimidation only, due to the discomfort of the character and their low tolerance thresholds away from the sanctuary of heat.

Level Four: The Burning Heart: The Prime can self heal, +4 Hits to any one location, four times per day - using this ability closes the wounds in that location.

Note: If the list is completed, the Prime may elect to use a self-heal to reforge a broken object that might normally require a forge or great heat - though possession of Arms Maintenance or another appropriate skill may also be required to reinforce using this ability in this way.

Level Five: Optimum Prime: Five times per Event, the Prime can build up the intensity of their body heat so as to forge a way through difficult obstacles and even break objects. Each use requires a one minute build up time to gather the intensity of heat to break through any Mundane or Enchanted obstacles, with Referee Mediation. Items or Objects resistant or Immune to Fire may not be effected by this, though would be dealt with on a case by case basis.

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