Sunshine Meadowbloom the Fifth

Sunshine Meadowbloom the Fifth or Sunny - "does whazzy alchemy stuffs"

sunny is the son of Sunshine Meadowbloom the Fourth the current prime minster of Valorn.

he grew up in Meadowbloom Heights and from an early age acted up, always wanting to do his own thing much to the dismay of his father. it was from his grandfather, Sunshine Meadowbloom the third, that he got his love of alchemy from. he was the one that taught him the basics of alchemy.

Following the death of his granddad, Sunny went to live in Woodstock, Neverland, to find himself and it is where he practiced his love of alchemy along with finding the right blend for his tobacco.

he and his father grew ever more distant over the last few years and when he heard about Baelvanna he knew it was time to leave Valorn, to go out into the world and learn more about alchemy from the best.

he found her and since then she and his best friend Artemis have been teaching him whazzy alchemy stuffs. it was shortly after that meeting he joined up with The Light Company on the advice of his best friend.

Sunny has a reputation for drinking one too many potions but this in itself is slightly untrue due to the fact he know how bad it can be, but that doesn't stop him from drinking them, he just knows when to stop and when not to drink. he does however smoke why too much of his special blend of tobacco. he is slowly coming off it, this is due in part to the fact that he wishes to join the skyfleet. his theory being that he has tried to act out against The Father (as he calls him) by not following in his footsteps and has got no reaction so he now going to try being the good son and live up to the family name. only time will tell how long it lasts…

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