Swords Of The Sands

Concept by Nick Webb, this Skill List is not yet finalised or available.


1: Fykari only.
2: One-Handed Short of Medium Blade at Level Four.
3: To have found a Master who is willing to instruct them.


There was a story of a Fey-Sirona Ronin many years ago exiled in shame for failing his duty to his people, and so he begun the lonely path of the Ronin. At some point in his path the Ronin found himself in the Fire Nations where he was amidst those that did not know him or value him.

Many years passed by, centuries even.

Befriending the Red Dracosylph they shared a similar path that was slowly forged in friendship, which they used to bring about an Alliance of Fire, the first there had ever been of it's kind.

This Ronin gave his wisdom and his sword to the cause of Fire, looking upon a race that were full of great passion and great rage, the Fykari. In particular he took one troubled young boy aside Malacia from one of the Western Tribes, a boy who had tried to kill the Ronin for trying to humiliate him in front of others.

The passage of time eventually led the Ronin towards liking the Fykari - they were undisciplined, untrained, but possessed passion and heart without limit. Teaching Malacia how to focus his temper, and his rage became a purpose the Ronin had lacked and his students and others like him would eventually learn the value of patience. In the wisdom of the Ronin they found salvation, looking to the sword as the center of their world, a pathway to channel the rage of their soul.

When the Alliance of Fire took shape the Ronin watched the tribal Fykari go to war. Some died, others grew in experience as their mentor played his part as a Messenger for the Alliance. The surviving students took upon them the name of 'The Swords of the Sands' and a small group emerged who were considered as 'Masters' and following the events of recent years, these masters have now taken to wandering the Burning Sands to impart the teachings of the Ronin to those willing, and deemed worthy to learn.

Skill List:

Level One: Passion of the Sword: Once per Day, the Character is able to call 'No Effect' versus a Mundane Mind Effect used against the Character while in possession of their Sword.

Level Two: Speed of the Sword: Twice per Day, the Character is able to call 'No Effect' versus a Mundane strike.

Level Three: Wisdom of the Sword: Forging a deepening bond with their sword, the Character is able to sense Void Taint in others. This requires at least three minutes of observation of the target, and mediation with a Referee to determine if a target is Void-Tainted.

Level Four: Strength of the Sword: The Character gains +4 Hits to All Locations, while in possession of their sword.

Level Five: Tempered Fury: The Character may activate their Racial Advantage without need to be mindless killing machines thirsty for vengeance, instead they harness and channel the power through their sword so that they gain the advantages but focus them with grace.

Note: This ability does not incur the penalties that impede a Fykari who has not followed this path must face, as per the description on Page 88 of the ELEMENT Players Handbook.

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