Taris is the realm of the Feymori, more commonly known as Sea-Elves who possess cavalier hearts and love to be on the high seas or in pursuit of adventure and profit and it is said that the main port of Taris 'Tarsamorzae' is the one place you can find anything if it exists. Trade drives life on Taris so much so that while there exists a courtly structure of nobles around a monarchy, but there is also a shadow court of merchants, a term used loosely to describe the seafaring folk who do not always obey rules, but follow a… code of sorts, if you know what I mean? They live in the rival, unknown place of 'Talaquesta'

There are a number of outlying islands around Taris which also make up portions of the kingdom of Taris, these islands are far wilder than civilised Taris, with many hidden coves and unofficial settlements and trading ports of smaller scale, with far less legal work and civil expectation, among them is the island of Turow, brave adventurers must risk the Black Mists.

Besides Tarsamorzae, the capital city, Taris has two other cities - 'Tarselesze', famous for its School of Courtesans, and further south, the city of 'Tarsaleesze', famous for its Guild of the Rum Makers.

Pirates you say? Well that's just plain rude!

Buccaneers maybe, Swashbucklers definitely, Merchants and Drinkers of Rum? …always!

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