Sir Telellë Ráva

NOTE: This page refers to the Feymori that was Telellë, before his turning to the Void…



Sir Telellë Ráva


et in aliquos magnitudo truditur

'and on some, greatness is thrust'




Originally from Taris. He calls his ship Liberty home and has been granted the manor of Bleakwynd Tor in the Morigena Kingdom.

Ranks & Titles:

Captain of The Light Company, Knight of the Morigena Kingdom and Captain of Liberty.

Known Associates

Braeden Fletcher
Gallus Soloman
Duke Rana Dae
Queen Nia
The Light Company


His history is rather unknown as each time he is asked about it, he tells a different story but what is know is that at some point he sailed under a captain Flint whom he has named his parrot after and he is now the Captain of a ship known as Liberty. it is rumored that until recent events he sailed in the The Commodore's fleet. He likes to live a life that is free, mainly of taxes.

His age is unknown. he has had many wives over the years and at the current count he is up to his 16th wife, a Nimorian who is also Rennata's mother. She is believed to be at home on one of the small islands that surround Taris awaiting Telellë's return after going out for a pint of milk some years ago.

His crew, which contain a Queldi called Braeden Fletcher who is his first mate, Fey-Sirona Samurai called Shiro, a Dracosylph mage called Ragoth and Wiggles. They are all very loyal to him, although quite how he managed to get them all together is a story that seems to change with every telling. He also has a Nimorian daughter called Rennata.

Recent History

In more recent times he has been hired by Duke Rana Dae to act as transport for the Light Company. It was during this time that Telellë has undergone a reinvention of himself, having seen what the void can do first hand at the battle of The Nimorian Kingdom has made him realise what is at stake. It was with this is mind that when the position of Captain of The Light Company came up he asked for it without hesitation and Duke Rana Dae duly appointed him. at the same time he was Knighted as a noble (Sir) in the Morigena Kingdom, and has been granted the manor of Bleakwynd Tor. his first act in charge of The Light Company was to go and rescue Gallus and Muldrow from the Tower of Sorcery while other members of the The Light Company acted as a distraction. The mission was a success and as part of the escape plan was to open a box given to Mifune by Hafu which took them to another plain of exsitance where they meet Hafu's sister. While there she gave Telellë a gift The Elemental Sword of Water, Sagar Tempestrous.

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