"The decision I made wasn't motivated by a question of religion or faith, to me it was a weighing of lives… Which I feel responsible to protect, whether it hinder mine or not."



Len’tiro and member of Red Thorns

Nicknames/Aliases: Tebbs, Twig, Knife-Ears, Prune Face, Heathen

General Attitudes/Demeanour:Grumpy amoung strangers and a particular Duke *cough*, little less so amoung friends and her people. SCOUT! Not a 'spy' dont do that shifty stuff!

Notable Skills:
Learning woodcrafting
Can surely Attacky

Mordin Solus- Only sane one here…
Baelvanna- Bit too cheerful but she’s nice
Tulip Halven- Broth thief
Nienna- Fishy who don’t deserve to be on a werewolf dishy
Ashaan Al Hasaan- Burn baby burn
Brahn- Midget Boi 1
Ragnar- Midget Boi 2
Fenris Oakheart-Still in our hearts and never forgotten
Rahi Ack Vanzaang-Won’t stop taking daggers for booping
Trucido- Determined stubborn halfbreed!
…Biggles- Massive ego shame it’s bigger than his head

Recent Activities:
Went to investigate a well in the Hunting Woods of Lyzeria
Went on an adventure in the plane of earth- then got crushed by a door…
Won the spring Hunt after paralysing a certain member of the Red Thorns.
Defended the healers during the War in the Reaches
Don’t tell anyone but she did clap her hands afterwards. Shhhh!

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