The Academy of Alchemy

Founder: Baelvanna of the Fey Tir, Grand Master of Alchemy

After years of planning, renovation and construction, the Academy of Alchemy in Southport, Quelas, is set to open its doors in conjunction with the Quelas Games in Commemoration of the Anniversary of Marriage between Queen Nia and King Kalan. The open day will be held, and potential students will be encouraged to sign up, ready for the start of the Academic year in January.

Although the primary focus of the Academy is on Alchemy, it will also cover a range of subjects from the Hall of Knowledge and the House of Healing that compliment, or are complimented by Alchemy, with a large proportion of the first floor of the main building being a teaching hospital.


The Academy has extensive gardens, growing ingredients that students will be encouraged to take an active part in the cultivating and maintaining of as part of their Foraging and Herbology lessons. There are also private allotments that students may rent out by the term.

Students will also partake in regular foraging excursions to local areas, as well as the underground cave system, and once per year, a trip will be planned so that students may gain a practical understanding of Foraging and Herbology away from the Academy. The Biospheres, which will hopefully be ready by January, in the Gardens will provide higher level students with the unique experience of foraging and cultivating rare ingredients from the Elemental Planes.

Also within the grounds of the Academy are laboratories for students, four teaching labs, and ten private labs (available only to students of level 4 Alchemy and above).



Alchemy – Instruction in the art of brewing. For each level of Alchemy studied, the student will receive a ‘Cookbook’ of recipes, which will include at least three recipes of the student’s choice, relevant to the level of study.
Chirurgery – This class teaches the delicate skills needed to operate.
Diseases – A class for the detection, recognition and knowledge on how to counter diseases, both Mundane in origin and Enchanted.
First Aid – From bandaging wounds to Resuscitation, these classes will leave the student ready to cope in an emergency medical situation!
Foraging – Students will learn how to identify, harvest and store the ingredients needed to brew their Alchemical concoctions.
Herbology – Knowing how to forage is one thing, knowing the details of a plants location, history and growing time are another… All students who take this class up to level 3 will receive ‘Alexander Dufferdeld’s Fun Guide to All Things Planty.’ Students who take the class at levels 4 and 5 will receive ‘Robiro Fortunio’s Guide to Rare Herbs and Plants.
This is a Lore skill, and those who spend the xp gain ‘Lore: Herbology’ at the relevant level.
Literacy – For the most part, this class will be for students who wish to learn to read and write the Common Tongue, however, other languages are also available.
Numeracy – Because sometimes, counting things in stages of ‘a few’, ‘some’ and ‘many’ just isn’t accurate enough…
Poisons – An essential skill for any would be healer (or assassin), concerning in its entirety the detection, identification and harvesting of poisons.



Private Allotments:
Students will have the option of renting a private allotment, complete with potting shed, to nurture and cultivate the plants they have successfully foraged.
Private Allotment: 2 Silver Crests per term.


Shared Dormitories - (6 people per dorm) – 2 Silver Crests per term
Private Quarters – 5 Silver Crests per term
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) – 1 Silver Crest per term

Kitchens are provided for students to cook in, though meals can be provided as part of the accommodation fee. Each accommodation building has its own communal area for students to socialise and relax in.

Students may also seek accommodation outside of the Academy in the surrounding area of Southport.

Tuition Fees:

Terms are divided into periods of ten weeks. There are four terms per year.

Skill Level Class Tuition Private Tuition
1: 2 Silver Crests per term 6 Silver Crests per term
2: 4 Silver Crests per term 12 Silver Crests per term
3: 6 Silver Crests per term 18 Silver Crests per term
4: 8 Silver Crests per term 24 Silver Crests per term
5: 10 Silver Crests per term 30 Silver Crests per term

Studying in a class of students gives each student a -1xp break on learning that skill. The Character may also offset the xp spend on that skill by 1 for each week of study. Each week of study being used to offset xp costs in this manner means that the Character is devoting that time to studying, and will be unavailable for gameplay during that period (though they may still make use of the ELEMENT forums). Students may also pay for private tuition, at triple the cost, but gain a -3xp break (Also shortening the length of study time required).
Each skill level being learnt requires the amount of weeks study equal to the level cost in xp (-1xp for attending classes). So a level 1 or 2 skill will take 4 weeks of study, a level 4 skill will take 14 weeks of study, requiring two terms at 8 Silver Crests per term.


(Example: Arianne has Level 2 Alchemy. She wants to attend the Academy so that she can learn Level 3 Alchemy, which would usually cost 10xp and will need 9 weeks (one week per xp, equalling one term) tuition. She enrols and pays 6 Silver Crests for her tuition, and 2 Silver Crests for her shared dorm accommodation. By studying at the Academy, she gains the -1xp break, reducing the cost of buying Level 3 Alchemy to 9xp. She then chooses to devote the next four weeks to her studies at the Academy, thus receiving a further -4xp break. She can then buy Level 3 Alchemy for 5xp. If Arianne chooses to spend the whole 9 weeks devoted to her studies, she could buy Level 4 Alchemy for 0xp, but her character would not be available for play during that time.)

Students may take extra classes for secondary subjects at levels 1 and 2 at an additional rate of 2 Silver Crests per class per term. The primary rate will be based upon the highest level of skill being studied. Students may not study more than one primary subject and one secondary subject at any one time.

(Example: Shykyrry wishes to study Foraging and First Aid at the Academy. She already has Level 3 Forage and Level 1 First Aid. Her tuition fees will be worked out based on the higher level of skill being learnt as follows:
To learn Level 4 Forage will take 14 weeks, so two terms are needed at a rate of 8 Silver Crests per term, equalling 16 Silver Crests. The lower skill of Level 2 First Aid take 4 weeks, so one term is needed at a rate of 2 Silver Crests per term. The total cost for Shykyrry’s tuition will be 18 Silver Crests.)

A student must pay for tuition at the start of their course. Some students may choose to work out a study plan for the year (perhaps choosing to study two level 4 or 5 subjects, which would require four terms in total.)

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