The Academy Of Magic

The Academy of Magic was the design and creation of the Purple Dracosylph, Skyreach Whitewing as one of his first acts after being knighted and granted the manor of Cold Point in which it is located in the county of Souwei-Lorsan in the Morigena Kingdom. It has proved to be an excellent resource for the people of the Morigena Kingdom, its neighbouring Dracosylph and for the magicaly inclined who know of it further across Urutau.

Its location is just to the north of foothills, close to the main port town in the Morigena Kingdom and just south east of the Forest of Ice Waves, with the southern road that leads to Castle Icewatch, through the barony of Baron Veren Dae.

After the battle against the Black Dragons in the year 913 of the Age of Fire, many of the corpses of the fallen dragons were brought here for alchemical and scientific purposes.

Prices and Mechanics:

4 terms of 10 weeks each, charged at 2 silver per term per skill level of student, based on the highest level skill being studied.
(ie if learning a skill or existing skill of study is lvl 1 then 2 silver per term, if lvl 4 then 8 silver).

This would allow study in a class of students giving a -1XP to skill learning and allowing the character to to also offset XP spend by 1 for each week of study. (ie, for Vanna to increase Rudimentary Magic from lvl 1 to 2 would normally be 5XP, by studying at the academy this would be reduced to 4XP and if see devotes 4 weeks then it would cost her 0XP, but her character would not be available for play during that time, she could also study for 2 weeks (2xp) and spend just 2XP to complete the lvl)

Learning spells would require weeks of study equal to the spell cost in XP (-1XP for attending classes)

Individual tuition is available at triple the cost but with the benefit of a -3XP to skill learning.

Accommodation, shared dorm 2 silver per term, private room 4 silver per term.

Potentially this allows a character to acquire 40xp worth of skills via study in a year (real time) but the character would not be available for anything else during that time.

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