The Age Of Air

The Age of Air is the second known 'age of the world'. which tells of the races settled and developed upon Urutau, building, interacting and exploring, while the Vidians observed and learnt all that they could of their enemies, spending a great period of time in secret and un-revealed to those they would try and corrupt or destroy.

This was to be the great age of the Fey – Sirona who with their great wisdom and demeanour spread good will and light upon the world, it was truly a time of great magnificence when their flying cities glided across the blue skies, unchallenged yet dispensing their lore and teachings to all who would listen. The Wrotans served the Fey – Sirona well and begun the building of what has now become the Wrotan Republic, but in this time it was the Morigena who were the more adept at picking up the teachings of the Fey-Sirona and intuitively built upon and expanded their own lands, building great cities and exploring the vast oceans in the name of Lord Morian.

The Queldi to the south of the fledgling Wrotan Republic whilst visited by the Fey – Sirona followed instead their own instincts and teachings of the Druids of their own people. They formed into numerous clans and made the best of what Gaia had to offer them; elsewhere the Fey – Tir followed the hunting packs of Lord Astagos into dense forest and established their own lands independent of all other races. The Korrigan, neighbouring the Queldi did as they human cousins did but in their own fashion of course. And to the east of what was becoming the Fey – Tir lands the Were – Urgo roamed, hunting and developing their own ways following the teaching of the Firstborn.

The children of Fire were observed also in secret by the Vidians, the Fykari even from their beginnings settled uneasily into their ways and ignored offers of aid and guidance from the travelling Fey – Sirona; in truth the Morigena had recently begun expanding to the west of the Burning Sands and had enraptured the Fykari with their own fashions. To the south the Feygorn kept themselves out of common affairs, remaining instead isolated in their own subterranean caverns and populace, like the Vidians they had done some observation and having learnt a little of the Fykari sensed a time of waiting before entering the world being shaped by the children of Air. To a fair degree the Gornang shared this notion, but they held court with the Fey – Sirona and swore an early alliance with them and the Wrotans, but the Gornang felt a pulling to complete their great works before expanding into the affairs of others- although they quickly made friends with their neighbours the Ulcas. The Fey – Sirona tried with the Ulcas but common ground was not easy to find and quickly good will turned to ill and the Ulcas quickly realised the ways of the Fey – Sirona was not theirs, insults were thrown and almost immediately the Void sensed an opening, with Phoebe’s will, Ulcas soon begun listening to the Void and arguments developed into warfare against the Fey – Sirona.

The Fey – Sirona backed away as they wished to avoid direct conflict with the Ulcas, deceived by their own arrogance they failed to detect the influence of the Void, but then none had yet encountered it. But the Ulcas, so corrupted, went in search of trouble now and entered onto the Burning Sands and the first major conflict ensued between the Ulcas and the Fykari, to which this day the Ulcas find the Fey – Sirona responsible for and is the source of the mistrust displayed between them and all elven races.

The Fey – Sirona had a wish to share their knowledge and learning, their ideas and beliefs for the benefit of the greater good, they were certain their intentions and knowledge were sound and were confident in the philosophy they were upholding, this however was not quite in parity with the Vespari who were another race that kept themselves apart from social interaction, their own philosophy directed them to self–awareness and a need for others to be left alone to reach this state.

Early in the dawning of this age, Great White, the first dragon appeared, having saved what was to become the Dracosylph from the machinations of the Void; Great White took the Dracosylph to the extreme cold regions of the north east and helped them develop into the race they are today, but some damage was already done by Phoebe and darkness was to rise soon in the form of the Black Dragons and the seduction of the Morigena had also begun.

Civil War for the Morigena

The Morigena had become proud of their achievements and having set out from their own kingdoms overseas to the south of the great continent, they had established settlements across the world, notably to the west of the Fykari kingdom and now began building armies, it was without question they ruled the sea and possessed authority over the other water children, it was with surprise that the ruling Morigena suddenly fell out with the Nimorians with whom close ties had for a long time been almost a formality.

By the ties of blood it had long been a tradition for the ruling king of the Morigena to take a Nimorian wife, securing a strong alliance between the two races and maintaining a source of males fertile to the Nimorians, thus a lot of Morigena traced lineage between both races, but now a strong disapproval of Nimorian blood in the gene pool of the Morigena led to great political upheaval; long periods at sea and an irresistible pull towards contemplating the depths of the oceans meant slowly the Morigena became corrupted by the Void, one by one the lesser kings fell to the sweet seductive voice and their households followed suit and civil war followed in a very private affair in the Morigena kingdom; unknown to others publicly the outlying lands were already under Void influence and armies being raised made up of Fykari and Morigena alliances, waiting for a time for the Vidians to make themselves openly known.

The civil war was short and violent with the High King Telluwyn and his Nimorian wife being slain, their children believed slaughtered and their household enslaved, many of those that managed to flee were pursued, captured and then killed. Others fleeing took with them the tokens of the High King's office - The Crown of Helios, The sceptre of the Phoenix and the Ring of Water. The sword of the High King fell into the hands of the chief betrayer, Lord Findias Tremaine who since that time to his disappearance wielded it with cruelty; this sword has long been identified as the banner of the Morigena/ Fomori race and is imbued with powers usable by its wielder. The Ring of Water was recovered but both the Sceptre and Crown eluded Findias who sought them with crazed obsession and it is believed Nimorians escaping the Morigena civil war delivered them to Lord Morian. Both items wield powers but only to their rightful heir and it is these items Lord Morian has hidden before his own fate took him away from Urutau.

With Lord Findias in charge, the Morigena seemingly ceased to be, instead the rebels took the name of the Fomori and with their great powers as a chosen race they travelled with great swiftness onto the mainlands, executing a campaign that would bring to an end the Age of Air.

War erupted across the Urutau and the Vidians struck with armies that they had mustered in secret, Ethereal Lords in charge struck swiftly at Fey – Sirona that they had studied, Werewolves came from down from the mountains to invade the kingdom of the Were – Urgo, doing battle with them and the Fey – Tir; Vampires moved through the night, infiltrating the Wrotan Republic and slaying or embracing its leaders as their purpose was served and the demonic, cunning Fey – Sidious charged its armies across the world in union with the Fomori. The children of the elements were not unified or prepared for such acts they were now being forced to endure, but the Gornang responded quickly and fell upon the Burning Sands to do battle with the Fomori, assisted in ignorance by the Feygorn and a Wrotan army that also reinforced the dwarves who set out from Wroth Gelrahan to engage the Fomori threat, and it was there upon the Burning Sands that the first major conflict between good and evil did take place.

Elsewhere other Ethereal Lords assisted the Fomori in pursuit of the missing Morigena items of Kingship, delving into Nimorian territory and war with the Nimorians and Lord Morian began - rumour says Lord Vidious himself and Lady Espari were summoned to fight Lord Morian which is why he fled into the Abyss, overpowered he found that Lady Yaleena was busy elsewhere.

Finally upon the southern third of the main continent, a last vast army of the Void landed upon the shores, only to be met by resistance from the Queldi and Korrigan alliance. The Vidians were led again by an Ethereal Lord and supported in strong numbers by Fey–Sidious, victorious they marched across Korrigan lands defeating that first alliance, but were met by a second allied force of Queldi/ Fey – Tir, but they were grossly outnumbered by the victorious enemy.

Darkness loomed and despair took its hold on more and so the ranks of the Vidians increased, the Age of Air was over and the fate of the Elemental Union rested uncertainly in the balance…

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