The Age Of Creation

The Age of Creation is the tale of the Divines and the first of the ages of the world of Urutau.

The Divines are:

1: Lord Helios, the father of creation.
2: Lady Phoebe, the mother of creation.
3: Lady Don, daughter of the Creators.
4: Lord Math, son of the Creators.

The Age of Creation:

The origins of the ELEMENT world…

It is said that in the beginning Helios roamed the fields of the great sky - wandering aimlessly in its blankets of night until such time as he found Phoebe in her silver radiance; It is also said that Phoebe had watched Helios burning his way through the darkness of her night and she had stayed hidden from him until such time as she chose to reveal herself.

Whatever the truth is, it is known that Helios and Phoebe met and danced for a long time, talking as they did and making love enfolded within the folds of the night; Helios embraced Phoebe in his flame and she cooled Helios in return with her silvery magnificence; slowly their dance stopped and their embrace became less tight and primal, and so it was revealed to them that Phoebe had become pregnant.

Helios was overcome with joy and Phoebe too as motherly instinct took pride of place over lovers duty - and it has been suggested that Phoebe had planned this and now begun plotting for she knew more about the strange powers of the universe than the more impetuous Lord of Light. From that time the relationship between them cooled and Phoebe became more secretive in her fashion, thus she is truly known as the Lady of Secrets, yet Lord Helios did not question this at the time still over-joyed by the prospect of fatherhood.

Time passed and Phoebe swelled with vastness as the time now approached for their children to be born - and this happened on an occasion that Helios was off wandering as was his wont then to do; sensing her time was at hand Phoebe made all the preparations she thought required but she had under-estimated the all-seeing nature of her lover. The children were born and Phoebe named the first, a girl, Don and from that time our world that we now call Urutau was created - the second child born was male, and named Math, but Phoebe was undone and much diminished as a great part of her own power was imparted in to her children, in particular Don benefited the most perhaps as the first born and somehow the strongest. In her anger and outright refusal of the children, Phoebe fled into the darkness leaving them to fend for themselves until Helios returned.

Helios indeed returned to find his children in need of him and their mother missing, Don in particular needed the most attention and Math was content to be left to his own devices, this led to the close bond between father and daughter that still endures and from this also the independent, sly nature of Math was put into motion. Yet from the darkness, filled with her jealous rage Phoebe espied upon them whilst she plotted how to revenge herself upon Helios; and soon enough a chance soon presented itself when Math took it upon himself to start wandering, revealing a kinship in nature with the mother who had abandoned him.

It was during his wanderings that Math met again with Phoebe - who did not reveal herself to be his mother, instead she met with him like a curious friend and tutor and begun to impart lessons of her wisdom upon him, which had not diminished unlike her power. Math was an acute student and possessed of some of Phoebe’s power fast became an adept at her lessons. Math also felt an attraction to Phoebe and in her bitterness towards Helios she obliged her son and they became lovers, in their intimacy Math told Phoebe of his sister and their father and how Helios had mentioned nothing of their mother; Phoebe then whispered secrets in Maths ear and together they plotted, for Phoebe desired again to possess her powers that had been stolen by Don and Helios and having won over Math she was in a position to put her revenge upon them.

Phoebe became pregnant once again by her son Math; she also forged Math into a devoted lover and told him he must leave her for a while but set him the task of seducing his sister so that she would beget them children who would bring their powers over to both Phoebe and Math. Phoebe would distract Helios so Math could pursue this plan, and thus so she sent him back to his place among his family and like a siren Phoebe let herself be revealed to Helios.

Helios upon seeing his former lover was enraged, Phoebe cast insults upon him and the great sky raged with their fury; Phoebe then fled into the darkness and Helios pursued her as Phoebe had knowingly calculated. Math comforted his sister who was now distraught that her father had left her to pursue Phoebe. It was now time for Math to execute his mother and lovers plan and so he seduced his sister with his new skills and thus in a short time she too fell pregnant, impregnated with power and sinister intent.

Time unknowable passed and still Helios pursued Phoebe, though he could at last see she was starting to slow as her own pregnancy took hold on her until at last Helios caught up with her. Confronting her he was ready to kill her there and then until he saw her condition and demanded to know what she was had been plotting, Phoebe replied with silence at first, but then an evil smile followed and she told him her unborn children were fathered by their own child, Math, who even now was planting his own seed within his sister so that Phoebe would have her revenge upon Helios. Aghast with shock Helios left Phoebe where she was and rushed back to Don to try and prevent Math from fulfilling Phoebe’s evil plan. Phoebe was able to warn Math by her own secret ways and thus he was warned of Helios coming to kill him and using tricks taught by his mother Math abandoned Don and did not see out the fulfillment of his conspiracy, instead returning to his mother to see her through her own birth of their children.

Helios arrived to aid Don who was now ready to give birth, extending his own powers he sensed children inside Don who would be evil and possessed of all the power Don possessed. Invoking part of his own primal power, Helios shaped and stripped away the evil of Math and Phoebe’s plans from the unborn children; such was Helios surprise to sense eight children within the womb of Don! And such was the reduction in power of Lord Helios in order to save the children.

It was thus that the elemental Lords and Ladies were born, guided by the loving hand of Helios they were born upon the bosom of their mother Don, first came Lady Gaia and then Lord Astagos whose power would be over the Earth. And then came Lord Gorn and Lady Vulcas whose power would be over Fire. Thirdly there came Lady Siriona and Lord Arios whose realms would be those of Air. Lastly there came Lord Morian and Lady Yaleena whose power would encompass the realms of Water.

And yet elsewhere, Phoebe herself gave birth to the rivals to this generation, out there in the Void her own magic bound them in an attempt to thwart the designs of Helios, first came Lord Vidious and then Lady Espari and their powers would be over the Void, the nothingness and corruption and with their birth Math felt a draining of power and himself was cast into the Void from where he would act as a source of power for the his children and their endeavours to serve vengeance in the designs of Phoebe upon the world.

Now the new generation of children, the Lords and Ladies took form upon the breast of their mother Don, and from this sacred place they set about shaping Urutau to their will, and while they sculpted and built, Phoebe watched and instructed her children that they would corrupt what their cousins were building, they now also took form and hid themselves upon the world, watching, learning, corrupting whilst hiding from Helios during the day and taking orders from Phoebe during the night.

When they had finished shaping Urutau, the Lords and Ladies set about to bring life onto Urutau, and so it was that Helios instructed them to create the races of the world and the beasts and animals also; he advised in the power of four and the strength in unity and decision, for he sensed a need to be alert for the evil of Phoebe who through her trickery remained elusive to him. What he instilled in his grandchildren, Phoebe learned of and instructed in her own to counter him as her children stole into the sacred place and made use of the shadows to weave their own designs within Urutau.

Thus the children of the elementals were created and life injected truly upon our world, those that served good were part of ‘The Elemental Union’, those that crept from shadow and came to destroy what was being built were known as ‘The Vidians’, servants of the Void and so it came to pass that the first age of the world begun…

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