The Age Of Fire

This was the previous 'Age of the World', and has the following known and recorded history:

This age is the first age where historians have full details and have managed to keep records for, as such it is written in a more historic annotated style keeping within a format so that it may be presented as in-character information. It is known as the Age of Fire as it recognised that the Age of Air was ended by the turmoil across Urutau at that time and the world is now in a state of re-creating itself, in a forge almost – hence The Age of Fire.

00 – 50AF: A series of campaigns sees the Elemental Union push the Vidians back towards their own borders, a campaign to invade and destroy the threat of the Void once and for all is discussed and conceived, but not followed through once other priorities take precedence, including the rebuilding of the Wrotan Republic and other kingdoms. Garrisons are however built on the borders to the hostile lands of the Void to watch and observe for enemy movement or threat of further incursions into allied lands, but many of the armies return to their homelands to more civil duties. Takahiro Noryato becomes the new King of the Fey-Sirona following the death of his father, Hayate Noryato who was killed in the great battle at the end of the Age of the Void.

51 – 100AF: With Wrotan engineering and Fey – Tir resources the Queldi and the Korrigan re-establish their traditional homelands in the southern realms of the mainland. The Queldi rename their kingdom ‘Quelas’, likewise the Korrigan follow suit naming their kingdom ‘Korrigania’.
The Queldi become more active within the Wrotan Republic, the Korrigan do what they have to do but return to matters they pursue best, living within their own borders and living pleasant rural lives.
In the Fey – Tir kingdom several war parties travel south also within their own wooded realm to reclaim lost regions, they encounter and do battle with corrupt Fey – Tir; however, with the aid of the mysterious Were-Arachnids these corrupt fey are defeated.

105AF: The Gornang come down from their mountain kingdoms to aid the regeneration programmes across the mainland, their involvement along with the unexpected help of the Feygorn leads to the formal creation of the Wrotan Republic, promising on the ashes of the past to be greater than its former entity.

127AF: Allesandro, the famous Wrotan General is born.

151AF: Lord Findias resurfaces and strikes at a Fomori city, enslaving several hundred youngsters and women; the men are brutally slain and their corpses hung from the city walls serving as a reminder that not all business has been settled.
Elsewhere, the surviving True Morigena under the command of their current king start to prepare plans with dealing with Findias and their people’s fate by forming into a mercenary company with aid from the Dracosylph.

152AF: The Wrotan Republic promotes and charges General Allesandro with the duty of hunting down Lord Findias. Alessandro immediately gathers fifteen hundred men and marches westwards towards Wroth Gelrahan where he makes his base of operations. From there he sends out forces onto the Burning Sands in an attempt to recruit from the Fykari, a place also used for the same purpose by Findias. Little action is seen barring some minor skirmishes with Fykari renegades.
The Morigena Company enlist the aid of a small Feymori fleet and re – establish wary contact with their former Angmori and Nimorian allies.

155AF: The Wrotan Republic’s capital city is finished and named ‘Wrotentia’; republic senators are called together for official duties for the first time. Representatives from across the republic gather collectively to nominate a senate leader, ‘Gyral Lor’ a Fey Sirona is elected.
In other motions, the Fomori are accepted as Republic allies with a ten - year monitor program preceding full membership within the republic. The Ulcas are accepted as full members. The Dracosylph, Were – Urgo and Fey – Tir choose instead to be allies to the republic but maintain their own independence, as do the Angmori and the Nimorians.
A request from the Morigena is all but declined as the Fomori influence the republic against them.

157AF: Dyrel, the daughter of Lord Findias is born.

158AF: Lord Findias raids Korrigan lands, burning three villages and sacking two cities; Alessandro’s forces are still in Fykari territory and too far away to respond so a second force is raised in haste to meet the threat of the renegade Fomori.

159AF: The second mobile force is raised, trained and placed under the command of General Benedictus who immediately heads through Queldi lands straight into Korrigania, alas too late…
Even as Benedictus entered Korrigania, Findias was returning to the southern shores to leave the land, only to be engaged in a brief skirmish with the Morigena. Korrigan slaves are rescued but Findias escapes the Feymori fleet serving with the Morigena Company.
Benedictus is credited with the success of the slaves being rescued in the Korrigan campaign and is placed in charge of the search for Findias above Alessandro.

160AF: Benedictus takes a sizeable force towards the Fomori Kingdoms in an attempt to try and find Findias after ordering a disgruntled Alessandro back to Wroth Gelrahan with specific orders to reinforce the fortress city and to establish a second like it in the south, in Korrigania; ‘Wroth Dromreya’ it is named, this coastal fortress is built upon an old ruined city of the Fomori during the Void War which still maintains firm foundations.

161AF: A third fortress city, again built upon Fomori foundations, though this time located on Wrotan shorelines in begun, ‘Wroth Cayeno’ serves as a central hub and acts as a primary trade centre for the sea – faring races and the land – based ones. Alessandro finds himself dealing more and more with the bureaucracy whilst Benedictus is out hunting Findias.

162AF: Werewolves raid the Were–Urgo kingdom, they also make strikes into the lands of the Wrotan Republic and the Dracosylph.

163AF: An increase in cases of Lycanthropy run amok, caused by the previous years raiding by the Werewolves. To deal with this new threat a Fey – Sirona Lord, ‘Cam Liu’ and a notable friend of Alessandro’s creates an ‘Inquisition’ to deal with the epidemic. The small task force acts quickly and is successful in dealing with the victims.

168AF: Findias engages Benedictus at sea, defeating the Wrotan general who is slain in the process; elsewhere intelligence agents of Alessandro infiltrate the Fykari to spread discord.
Vampires infiltrate ‘Nor Cavallel’, the Fomori city west of the Burning Sands.

175AF: The Wrotan Republic Inquisition learns of and subsequently travels to ‘Nor Cavallel’ to find and negate the Vampire threat.

176AF: Alessandro retires from ‘active duty’ but only to become a more senatorial representative for the military. A total of five armies now exist with additional ‘special’ task forces under his guidance and command.
The Feymori join the Wrotan Republic.

180AF: With the Inquisition still following up investigations concerning the vampire threat in Nor Cavallel, a counter strike by the Vidians occurs when Lord Findias strikes, aided by the Fey – Sidious and Fykari renegades. The vampires engage the Inquisition, Fomori fight Fomori in a bloody and bitter battle whilst Fykari and Fey–Sidious run amok.
Findias is reported wounded; seriously by all accounts as the naval fleet of the Republic makes best speed to get there and intercede, even as they arrive by sea, a gathered force of Feygorn and Fykari arrive also.
It is discovered that an Ethereal Lord is coordinating this offensive even as vampires are destroyed with Cam Liu falling before the Ethereal Lord, but the battle is won by the Elemental Union.
Findias escapes! But not his fleet, this is captured and destroyed and prisoners taken, including the daughter of Findias.
It is believed Findias escaped along with the Ethereal Lord and a sizeable party of Fey – Sidious warriors - they are pursued by Fykari towards the Dark Mountains where the Vampires are believed to have dominion; many Fykari are slain.
The Feygorn return to their own mountain lairs to the south of Nor Cavallel, though a diplomatic party remains as relations with the Fomori improve.
Dyrel, the daughter of Findias is taken to Wroth Cayeno to intense disproval of the Fomori, who wishes to execute her immediately, but Alessandro has different ideas and she is taken subsequently to him for interrogation in Wrotentia.

182AF: Further scouting parties attempt to trace the passages among the Dark Mountains in an attempt to find Findias, they return without success.
Later that year a small Wrotan force, using information from Dyrel find and destroy the main base of operations formally used by Findias. Admiral Lysander of the Wrotan Navy is hailed a hero now that the threat of Findias is all but broken.

185AF: Dyrel is sentenced to life imprisonment and taken to the Fey – Sirona city for incarceration.

187AF: At sixty years of age, Alessandro is taken seriously ill and becomes unable to maintain his duties. A similar illness also claims the senate head, Gyral Lor, who subsequently retires, forcing an emergency meeting of the Wrotan Republic to elect a new head and to bring through new reforms in key areas.

190AF: Alessandro dies, never fully recovering from his illness; in his honour a state funeral is held. During the course of the funeral, Dyrel escapes her imprisonment after a Black Dragon comes for her. With Great White elsewhere, pursuit is impossible, where she fled to is unknown. Casualties during the escape are surprisingly light…

192AF: A concerted effort by the Fomori sees them attempting to take back the central kingdom of their lands; ultimately it fails due to infighting more than anything else.

193AF: Rumours begin to surface of Dyrel taking up where her father left off, suggesting the passing of Findias as Dyrel now carries his sword. She begins raiding coastlines and attacks several Fomori ports, building up her reputation through cruelty. Reports by survivors suggest allies from the Fey – Sidious and the Undead.

200AF: Lady Callow marries Duke Tremaine from the Fomori Kingdom of Treminus, even at a mature age she bears the Duke five children over the following ten years; shortly after the birth of the fifth child, the Duke dies in what is described as suspicious circumstances. House Tremaine pays homage to its late Duke and begins to rise in prominence under the guidance of its new Matriarch.

222AF: Seafarers suggest rumours of Fey – Sidious ships travelling to and from Treminus. The Feygorn venture into lost catacombs in Southern Luustrokk searching for an ancient cathedral at the behest of the Priesthood.

232AF: Lady Callow passes away, her rule of house Tremaine is passed to her loyal son Sevictus. A small uprising is quelled with harsh response as Sevictus kills his older brother, Darius who attempts an uprising with support from the Fomori of the northern kingdom of Swordpoint.

235AF: The Feygorn Priesthood restructures itself into clans of fifteen, of which one is devoted entirely to the service of the Priesthood.

245AF: The Priesthood clan of the Feygorn begin amassing a collection of slaves from among the other races, primarily among their own fire kin.

250AF: House Tremaine are firmly in place through political machinations on Treminus and an alliance is fortified through marriage to House Damenyon on the western kingdom of Rostir.

256AF: Fykari war bands begin attacking Feygorn slavers and make incursions into the catacombs of the Feygorn.

300AF: House Tremaine are noted to be amassing a large fleet of warships and trading class vessels. They begin trade negotiations with outsiders but are unable to prevent the port of Sinmar on Emryn becoming the main focal point of trade in the Fomori Kingdoms.

302AF: A brazen raid involving the Fykari and a small collection of allies within the Gornang and the Ulcas sacks the grand cathedral of the Feygorn priesthood, revealing Ethereal Lord and Vampire influence in the process.

305AF: The Feygorn begins rebuilding a ‘Grand Temple of the Flames’.

307AF: The Feygorn publicly abolish their slavery practices paving way for a fresh chance of better relations with the Fykari in particular among the races of Fire.

320AF: The waters around Treminus are placed off – limits to all but the fleets of House Tremaine, sparking fresh speculation of links to the Fey – Sidious. Such is the concern civil war threatens to engulf the Fomori Kingdoms as the Houses of Sword point prepare for war.

325AF: A combined fleet of Angmori, Feymori and Morigena, aided by Dracosylph engage the Tremaine fleet in a surprise covert strike practically destroying the work of House Tremaine to nothing, however the Fey – Sidious fleet are nowhere to be found in Treminus waters. Fomori voices rise against the Morigena in Republic affairs.

330AF: The Fomori launch a new combined fleet to police its waters and is allied to the naval fleet of the Wrotan Republic, House Tremaine is unhappy but compliant.

340AF: Vampires bring perverse corruption to the gambling houses at Nor – Cavallel and manage to corrupt some wandering Dracosylph.

350AF: There is an increase of Fomori privateers plaguing the popular sea - lanes of the world.

355AF: Swordpoint is discovered to be aiding the privateers; the Wrotan Republic intercedes and several nobles among the lesser houses of Swordpoint are found guilty of impeding trade and convicted of piracy.

356AF: Some Nimorian females cruelly trick some Dracosylph into impregnating them, the result follows in Dracosylph half – breeds who fall to the corruption of the Void and are captured as young by Fey – Sidious.

360AF: The Were–Urgo wastefully attempt to make a truce with the Werewolves in an attempt to disrupt and learn about their enemies, several elders are killed.

365AF: Werewolves are deluded into an attempt to take the Wild Kingdom from the Were–Urgo, only to suffer as the Were–Urgo strike with efficiency and kill many in their attempt.

375AF: The Gornang create ‘The Silver Bane Swords of the Werewolves’ and some travel east to the Savage Mountains to cull the beasts with their mighty weapons.

391AF: The Were–Urgo experience a great year for birth and new strength, in a great meeting they gather their kinfolk and discuss many matters and decide upon the laws that bind them to this day in their charge as the champions of the Earth.

400AF: A sickness infects many fish breeds that serve as a major source of food to the Fomori, affecting the populace and trade.

415AF: Feygorn priests start spreading the word of Lord Gorn among the other fire races, forging a close bond of alliance between the four peoples.

430AF: Nobles of Swordpoint attempt a landing at Golgotha. None return.

443AF: The four allied races of Fire set up guard around the great volcano that marks their place of strength and birth.

450AF: House Tremaine attempts a landing on Golgotha. A few survivors escape back to Treminus before dying of a strange malady. A disease quickly spreads across the kingdom claiming many lives.

451AF: A cure for the disease is found after extensive research upon the exhumed bodies from the Golgotha expedition.

455AF: Golgotha legally placed off – limits by the Fomori with full unity for once.

458AF: The Wrotan Republic make it law that Golgotha is placed off – limits and under the jurisdiction of the Fomori. Voices of opposition are quelled.

500AF: House Tremaine and Damenyon secure their close ties once again through marriage between the leading nobles of their houses as Duke Damenyon marries Duchess Bailee Tremaine.

505AF: Duke Damenyon dies with two young heirs to his lands. House Damenyon support his grieving widow completely.

530AF: Duchess Bailee Tremaine stands down so her two sons may lead the unified kingdoms of Treminus and Rostir. Perceptive political minds suggest she still retains a matriarchal influence upon the young Dukes.

550AF: Civil war erupts between the Swordpoint and the Tremaine/Damenyon Alliance, Swordpoint is weakened but unbroken when a Fey – Sidious force attempts to invade from the northern waters. This invasion is countered by a Feymori naval fleet and late arrival of Fomori forces from across the kingdoms. Swordpoint and the Tremaine Alliance do not formally end their feud!

551AF: The Gornang delay in a meeting among their clans to discuss greater lore’s of forging and inclusion of the Vespari on a level of equality, this is decided against leading to poor relations between the two Dwarven races.

570AF: The Fey – Sidious are setback by deception and a violent attack on their shores by the Dracosylph.

585AF: The Fomori dishonours the Dracosylph by refusing to journey to their lands to meet with the Morigena in an attempt to build relations with their fragmented people.

588AF: The Feymori rogue nature leads to conflict with the Dracosylph who realise they are undermining their trading fleets legal operations.

592AF: The Queldi High King is overruled by his ruling council in matters that would have seen the Queldi increase trade with the Feygorn, leading to speculation of druidic influence and guidance against the High King.

601AF: Fykari recruits land at Swordpoint and form a small colony.

608AF: The Vespari falsely believe the Korrigan require their aid and send them excessive resources which leads to severe criticism among the Wrotan Republic as a waste of valuable materials.

625AF: House Salui mounts an expedition onto Golgotha with Wrotan Republic allies and support. Many die. Survivors are screened for disease but given a clean bill of health. The other Fomori Kingdoms are outraged at not being included and further incensed by an emerging slow report on details of the expeditions findings.

630AF: Wrotan Forces, assisted by Great White go to Golgotha via Salui waters to explore the lost kingdom further. Their findings are not reported or their reason going supported; Fomori Kingdoms left out of the expeditions increase pressure in an attempt to find out what is going on! Rumours suggest all expedition members survived and the people involved remain secret despite an increase in Fomori vessels in trading lanes away from Emryn.

645AF: House Portense, the ruling house of Swordpoint, send an illegal expedition onto Golgotha. None return.

656AF: The Dracosylph courageously strive to act first against a ferocious assault being prepared by the Werewolves, many die but the Dracosylph are rewarded by a year of growth and many new births.

660AF: The Vespari are repulsed by a charitable offer from traders on a deal for greater recreational resources they are known to favour, this later leads to the discovery the source of the traders are in league with the Void.

664AF: Vampires are forced to relocate as earthquakes and great storms strike in their provinces in the Dark Mountains, Phoebe however, intervenes and sends them a messenger who leads the refugees to a safer sanctuary in the mountains.

672AF: The Fykari grow suspicious as the Fomori of Nor – Cavallel act restrained towards their erstwhile allies, the Fykari move deeper into the Burning Sands as the Fomori city is besieged once more by Vampires.

685AF: Werewolves indecisively enter a fight with Nimorians travelling through the Gap of Peril, only to suffer defeat by the Morigena Company who intervene, word gets back to Vidian command who learn more than the Werewolves imagined from the tale of the defeat.

698AF: The Gornang begin a campaign to enter the Dark Mountains with success, destroying several Vampire lairs, only to suffer a setback as the vampires strike back. However, with their grim determination, the Gornang hold the passes they have won from the Vampires.

700AF: On Emryn, the Fomori among the houses there form a new order called ‘The White Shields’, a radical movement dedicated to the unification of the Fomori with the Morigena.

735AF: The White Shields welcome the Morigena King and his entourage for Unification talks with the Fomori noble houses from across the kingdom. Several assassinations occur over the two - week gathering and complete disruption occurs as House Tremaine does its best to stir hatred against the Morigena.

741AF: The Gornang takes up arms to go into and attempt a culling of the Vampires in the Dark Mountains.

750AF: A second summit between the Fomori and the Morigena is attempted with the Wrotan Republic acting as intermediaries. Like the first Unification talks this also ends in failure.

775AF: A third dialogue is attempted towards Unification for the Fomori and the Morigena, this ends with the assassination of the Morigena King, who is killed on Fykari soil where the talks are taking place. Fomori hatred burns anew concerning the Morigena, though the White Shields remain true to their purpose, though their numbers drop.

783AF: Ethereal Lords gather strength and are organised by a being believed to be ‘The Ethereal Emperor’, with his new teachings the Ethereal Lords aspire to become a greater threat than possibly believed…

792AF: Werewolves breed with exceptional speed and productivity with large litters who show signs of great strength and speed, the cubs grow fast and display great potential.

808AF: The Fykari waste an opportunity to meet with representatives from the Wrotan Republic, civil war engulfs several tribes as the people are split over this decision.

820AF: Vampires plot among themselves to overthrow the ruler ship of the Ethereal Emperor, their plotting is profoundly insightful and shows reward, but their excessive pondering leads to the Ethereal Emperor learning of their plan and he quickly moves to exterminate the ringleaders and gains a strangle hold over his servants.

825AF: Werewolves accept orders from the Ethereal Emperor, though they are not confident in what is planned, but with their determination they undertake a series of attacks against the Queldi in which they are successful and they also spread the disease of Lycanthropy.

838AF: The Korrigan’s alliance and close links with the Queldi leads to their involvement in the ending of the disease of Lycanthropy that now threatens to spread into their lands also.

849AF: The Fey – Sidious focus on weakening the lands of the Queldi, which they attack with severity all along their coastal towns.

850AF: a Fomori shipwright creates a new grand class of war frigate, the first sets sail and is named ‘Lady Callow’.

853AF: The Vampires act with inspiration when they openly submit to the successful will of the Ethereal Emperor and this saves them from stagnation within their ‘Dark Mountains’.

865AF: The Ethereal Lords tyrannical rule is now absolute among the children of the Void through the machinations of the Ethereal Emperor, only the threat of the Fey – Sirona seems to hold them back and plans are made to deal with the dying race of champions.

875AF: The Ethereal Emperor nurtures his ethereal forces in preparation of conquest over the Fey–Sirona following the death of the Fey-Sirona King, Takahiro Noryato, after the Emperor receives visions from the Lord Vidious concerning the future. King Fusheshi Noryato ascends to power in Menyel-Tiriona.

890AF: The Ethereal Emperor sees the greater vision of Lord Vidious and Phoebe and beholds the misery and cruelty he will deliver upon the world of the Elemental Union, mystics begin to suffer visions of impending doom and the Wrotan Republic moves to quieten the hysteria beginning to build among the lesser civilised peoples.

903AF: The Nimorians deliver a message to the Morigena King, sending for him to come to their kingdom, he is indecisive at first, but a vision of mysteries unravelling lead him to visit the Queen there and from that meeting, his company begin following a path that only he and the Queen of the Nimorians are truly aware of…


906AF: The Morigena Light Company gathers in Southern Quelas as Vidian Forces are revealed and works begin to drive Fey-Sidious away from the Queldi. It is revealed Alchemical experimentation had been taking place, though the alchemy is destroyed before any examinations can be done upon the project. Also the Orb of Zanzibar is uncovered in an attempt to counter Vampire activity after a Dracosylph Seer loses her Magic Staff to the Vampire in what becomes known as ‘The Darkwood Campaign’. During the course of the year several Senators within the Wrotan Republic are killed.

907AF: The Old Sea Wife is sought out after guidance from The Book of Fates leads the Light Company there. In due course the Enchanted Disease of Necrosy is encountered, of which the Darkwood Campaigns undiscovered Alchemy Project is revealed to have been.
The Light Company then goes on to hunt out and retrieve the Elemental Swords of Power through the course of the year. Vampire activities increase as they begin herding Fykari leading to an incursion into the Dark Mountains and the Phoenix Dark Knight rises in the Burning Sands distracting attention away from Fey-Sidious agents uncovering the lost city of the Ethereal Lords ‘E’toa A’Ahn’ who in the process of excavating locate the Ethereal Orb, whose presence had been concealed by the plant ‘Ether Bane’. The Light Company is able to steal the Orb and escape with it, even as war begins to loom across Urutau as the Fykari united by the Phoenix Dark Knight march on Wroth Gelrahan to their doom even as the Wrotan Republic begins to fall apart from within.
The Light Company attempts to secure additional allies in Quelas on their route back to the Morigena Kingdom, and in the process of combating Werewolves plaguing Quelas, the Ethereal Orb is stolen by Agents of the Void.

908AF: The Year of Dragons: The Black Dracosylph, led by Karazon of the Black spark civil war in Lyrzeria even as a mysterious Were-Avari from the Elemental Plane of Fate co-ordinates the safe custody of the recently revealed Dragon Eggs. The Purple Dragon Avatar is discovered in Lyrzeria even as Werewolves plot to exploit the civil unrest within Lyrzeria between the opposing Black and White Dracosylph armies. Amidst the wars breaking out, the Light Company is at the centre of events that see the Dragon Eggs hatching into Young Dragons, bring Little Green, Little Blue and Little Red into Urutau, and a Queldi hero, Lorican is recognised as the rightful heir to the Queldi throne after retrieving the Queldi Crown.
Explorations are sent by both the Elemental Union and the Void as the wreckage of a Fey-Sirona Floating City surfaces in the waters south of the Morigena Kingdom.
Lady Yaleena implores the bearers of the Elemental Swords, and the Guardians of the Dragons (in essence the Light Company) to assist her on the Elemental plane of Water by guarding the Abyss there. Failure leads to the Leviathan erupting forth from the Abyss and seizing control of the Elemental Plane of Water, with the City of Aqualonia being destroyed by Fomori and Vidian Forces.
Realising how bleak things are beginning to look across Urutau, the Fey-Tir call a Council to bring allies together to discuss fighting back the rising tide of the Void and they pledge their support to the High King of the Queldi to push back threatening Wrotan Empire forces reported at the borders of Quelas.

909AF: The Quelas Campaign: The year begins with the Queldi Druids enlisting the aid of Lorican to turn back the tide of Ethereal Lords gathering to destroy the Druids power – in truth Zanzibar has resurfaced and is extracting mad revenge against them even as Alchemical Necrosy blights the Great Forest. Through ritual magic, the Druids and their High King, with the aid of Little Green cleanse the blight after Zanzibar swears to be loyal to the High King.
The High King of the Queldi, on the back of military successes is on the verge of uniting the Queldi when he mysteriously vanishes after revelations come to light about his dealings with the demon Yalirus. As the Queldi settle upon infighting, the Wrotan Empire forces march into Quelas – retreating into the Great Forest the Druids successfully put up an impenetrable ward against outside incursion.
As Wrotan forces spread tirelessly across the Empire, it becomes pivotal that the Morigena Army holds the Gap of Peril to allow the Dracosylph to move in and occupy the gap to prevent the Empire joining up with the Werewolves, the Light Company scouts out the ruins of an old castle, which in the process of exploring reactivate the magic there by rejoining the broken Hearthstone, opening the Castle of the Elemental Union. The Gap is secured and Dracosylph forces occupy it to prevent the allies of the Empire and the Werewolves being able to join up. All is not well however, as Little Red is kidnapped and taken to the Zarian Wastes, Lord Gorn aids Astor to cause further harm to the Werewolf war effort and turns him into a Red Dracosylph.

910AF: The Seas Rise: Lord Morian returns after the valiant efforts of heroes who sacrifice themselves as endeavours are taken to reclaim the Elemental Plane of Water with success! Even as the Ethereal Lords lead a campaign into Khayeim to defeat the Gornang with a coordinated attack as Vampires attack also from the Dark Mountains. The Empire conquers Quelas, as the Queldi remain fragmented, vying for rights to the Crown without guidance from the Druids who remain secreted away behind their mystical ward.
Great White meets Primal Beast in one on one battle in the Gap of Peril as the Werewolves attempt to break the deadlock of Dracosylph entrenched forces, Great White is victorious though the victory is at a great cost as the dragon is savagely wounded and both creatures back away from ending the fight, but her defiance means the Werewolves retreat back into the Savage Mountains.

911AF: Dark Days: Retreat from Khayeim by the surviving Gornang, Wrotan allies who are not Imperials and most alarmingly, the floating city of the Fey-Sirona ‘Menyel-Tiriona’ crashes after the Black Dragons rise and wreak destruction. Casualties are heavy with the Fey-Sirona paying heavily, but the escaping survivors make it onto the Burning Sands to survive another day. Efforts are made in the wake of defeat to make for the ruins of Menyel Tiriona and insure the enemy does not acquire anything is should not from the wreckage, and in the process Ulcas find a broken ‘Little Red’ in pain, who reveals Fey-Sidious Biomantic experimentation done upon her to modify and strengthen the Black Dragons.

912AF: Efforts have been made by the remnants of the Light Company to lead the Khayeim Refugee’s to a safe haven – leading them to Grun where the Ulcas have agreed to take in the Gornang until such time as Khayeim may be retaken.
The Wrotan Empire maintains its dominions and marches now to war on the Were-Urgo, still blocked from entering Lyrzeria by Dracosylph forces.
The sea-lanes are secure, now with Lord Morian back, the races of Water have worked with speed to keep the Fey-Sidious restricted to the Zarian Wastes and any attempts by Fomori traitors to aid them quelled.
The races of Fire are not unbroken; Astor the Red Dracosylph rallies the Fykari, and a figure known as ‘The Butcher’ rallies the Ulcas to avenge incursions by Wrotan forces a few years previous.

913AF: The year that was, began with the Requiem for Winter at Wroth Gelrahan, as allies among the Elemental Union met to discuss what had been and what was to come, concerning events in Khayeim, the Wrotan Empire and what the Black Dragons would do once they awoke. Much got resolved, though nothing was more surprising then the reappearance of Princess Tiamey, now a fully grown adult determined to claim her throne in Quelas and using the title of Queen.

Following the meeting, plans were put into motion, with forces preparing to march into Khayeim, thus beginning what turned out to be an intriguing and successful campaign, laced with sadness with the revelation of the death of the Gornang High King. But events turned sour in Quelas and many heroes became embroiled in events there as the young Queldi, Nia, a charge of Baelvanna of the Fey-Tir, the young Queldi became heir apparent and rival to the would-be Queen, both children of Lorican.

Events became dire, as armies seemed to descend on Quelas, and trouble got as dire within Quelas, Biomantic creations threatening the Druids Sanctuary, danger was at every turn and Tiamey had the advantage. But with the life of many on the line, and with guidance, the Quelas situation was fought and won by those who supported Nia. Tiamey, through the use of subterfuge agreed to leave Quelas as the reign of Queen Nia begun, though none could foresee the events that were to follow.

Now that Khayeim was liberated, the Fey-Sirona had turned their thoughts towards the Wrotan Empire, and making an alliance with the Vespari, they descended upon the heart of the Empire and sought out and ousted all forces of the Ethereal Lrods who were controlling the Empire, and shortly after this the biggest dread of the Elemental Union awoke, out of turn it seemed. And thus started what became known as The Time of Dragon Magic.

The Halfbreed known as Hafu learned of the agenda the Dragon Riders of the Fey-Sidious would be pursuing, and taking action, the targets set by the Back Dragons were warned and a trap set to meet the enemy in combat in the Morigena Kingdom. To the surprise of everyone, victory was had and many Black Dragons destroyed - but the time of Dragon Magic was not done, and in vengeance and fury, the Fey-Sidious cast great magics, and aided by Karazon of the Black, gave birth to the Avatar of Lord Math, Great Black. Karazon became Great Black's rider and they set off immediately for the island of Golgotha, mischief and revenge in mind against the Morigena, a portal was opened and then perverted into becoming a permanent portal to be exploited by the enemy.

During the ensuing confrontation, the Red Dragon was killed, as was Karazon of the Black, but the designs of the enemy were thwarted and through sacrifice, the portal was closed and Golgotha returned to its normal state of being - to be uninhabited until such time as the Morigena and the Fomori were reunified as one race. Great Black returned to the Zarian Wastes and the Elemental Union thought it had earned a reprieve from the machinations of the Void.

And so it seemed true, for a time of quiet descended, where personal agendas were followed up on and campaigns drawing to a close for the year, though not before Great Black chose Tiamey as his new rider, and minor skirmishes between the Elemental Union and the Void played out, including a daring rescue of Yaliris from Purgatory One, and another surge in dragon magic, as the realm of Dovah-Gol took shape.

But nothing was more surprising and of significance than the raising of an old Fey-Sirona Floating City from the depths of the Urutau sea by Great Black, to be turned into a Void City, and the theft by the Elemental Union of the Orb of the Feygorn from Luustrokk, during which, the Sea Turtle, Coltrane was captured by Ethereal Lords. As the end of year approached, Coltrane remained prisoner of the Void, yet the Void City had taken flight to an as yet unknown destination, and once more the Werewolves descended down from the Savage Mountains to assault the Morigena Kingdom…

916AoF: 'The Sum of All Things' concluded the end of this age.

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