The Age Of The Void

The Age of the Void as it has become to be known was a dark period in the history of Urutau, when all hope seemed lost and the Agents of the Void threatened to bring the free peoples of Urutau under heel and bring Math himself, manifest into the world from outside the known understandings of the metaplanes and defying the will of Lord Helios.

Two of the greatest losses that brought about the start of this age was the defection of traitors among the Morigena who rebelled against the royal house, embraced the Void and become to be known as the Fomori, the subsequent troubles among the champions of Water also led to the loss of Lord Morian, such was the deep wounds the Fomori were able to carve into the water races.

The Age of the Void was brought to a close by the concerted and combined efforts of heroes, with the Fey-Sirona sacrificing many of their floating cities and their lives to buy time for a small band to go deep into a cave system beneath the island of Golgotha led by the dragon, Great White and prevent Math being brought into this world.

Three heroes, a Fey-Sirona, a Morigena and a Dracosylph in particular stood before the gateway that had been brought about through Fey-Sidious sorcery, and through combined effort and sacrifice were able to close it, but not before all three died in the process and the subsequent descent of enemies who made sure those who ruined their designs did not live to see brighter days.

Their actions that day did not bring the Age of the Void to the end, but historians remember that this was the day that the tide turned and through further concerted effort, the enemy was driven back into their own nations defeated and eventually peace restored across Urutau.

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