The Agents Of The Void

But the Void does love to corrupt the races of the Elemental Union. As such, once the taint is strong they pervert and change the Children of the Elemental Union into the following types.

Corrupted Races of Earth:

1: Queldi (Humans) become 'The Nettlesworn'.
2: Fey-Tir (Elves) become 'Darkhearts'.
3: Korrigan (Dwarves) become 'Hobgoblins'.
4: Were-Urgo (Beastmen) become 'Reavers'.

Corrupted Races of Fire:

1: Fykari (Human) become Fykari
2: Feygorn (Elves) become 'Feydren'.
3: The Gornang (Dwarves) become 'Faithless'.
4: Ulcas (Lizardkin) become 'Ogres'.

Corrupted Races of Air:

1: Wrotan (Human) become 'The Men of the Mountains'.
2: Fey-Sirona (Elves) become 'Fey-Sirona Vampires'.
3: Vespari (Dwarves) become 'Wispthanes'.
4: Dracosylph (Dragonkin) become 'Black Dracosylph'.

Corrupted Races of Water:

1: Morigena (Human) become 'Fomori'.
2: Feymori (Elves) become 'Seabane'.
3: Angmori (Dwarves) become 'Lurkers'.
4: Nimorians (Seaborn) become 'Harpies'.

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